Energy protection from germs and illness

Hello My Friend,

Today I want to offer you a visualization that will provide an energy protection from germs and illness.

I use these techniques all the time with great results! They put my mind at ease and help me to stay peaceful when things feel chaotic or uncertain or when the news really triggers me out of my peace where I may become fearful.

If you are someone who subscribes to the law of attraction belief system, then you know the power of what we think and feel helps to create our reality. So I want you to use this simple yet effective visualization this month. B sure to set the intention that it is for protection from infection, virus, germs and all illness in general.

If you are a school teacher this will be especially helpful for you as you can even do this for your classrooms. Get comfy and close your eyes….

Visualize you as you are right now, in a beautiful  bubble of blue  light– just see this vision in your mind’s eye or imagination. On the edge of the bubble is a silver lining that acts as a barrier to germs and disease.  They simply can’t get inside of that bubble or get to you.  Germs and disease bounce right off Before you end your visualization time, Again, I want you to set the intention of protection for yourself, completely protected from infection, virus, germs or any illness in general. This only needs to be done once.

Next, envision your loved ones, one at a time…. your kids, spouses/partners, parents, friends, co-workers, doggies/kitties/birdies, do it for anyone you want. Next, see you home surrounded in a white bubble of light…….   your car…. your workspace.

The color blue offer healing, peace, truth, clarity….  White offers, purity, healing, unconditional love, the presence of divinity….

Now- feel the peace inside you, imagine how it would feel to KNOW that you are completely protected, that nothing can penetrate your space, that you are being divinely looked after, feel the peaceful feeling experienced in perfect protection.

There you are done. This is our powerful energy disease vaccination/inoculation spiritual booster shot for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Peace and love,
Happy Ro

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