Dream Interpretations (03/11/15)

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Working with the dream state is an invaluable tool in working consciously (while you are unconscious no less!) to connect more deeply to your intuition and to spirit. Psychic information is often downloaded and received in dreams and understanding how to use the dream state to invoke information is one of the greatest tools you can access for healing. Not only will we discuss how to interpret our dreams, but also how to use the dream state for purpose and transformation– not just for us personally but for everyone, everywhere.

Here are just some of the things we will discuss….
* dream states and how to advance into higher stages of learning and purpose
* categories of dreams and what they mean
*understanding psychic information in dreams and how to know what is a premonition and what isn’t
* Astral travel and Astral Catalepsy– you know, when you wake up and feel like you can’t speak or someone is holding you down
*Using the dream state for healing- like the shamans did
* Dream visits from your loved ones and how to have them more often

This is one to mark on the calendar and do not miss it!!