Reflections on 2017– A “1” Global Year– A Year of New Beginnings *FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY* 12/27/17

Tonite we reflect on 2017 and all that this year brought us.  What began for you in this 1 global year will last and expand through the next 8 years– till 2025!
“1” resonates with new beginnings, new and fresh starts. 1 is where we individuate and find our independence from things (inner and outer) that might suppress us.  We find our courage in a 1 year and become innovative in our approach to life. Sometimes life or our reality takes a dramatic turn in a one year and there is a whole new way of life. Sometimes something latent within us that was waiting for us to be ready, wakes up and asks to be expressed.  The “1” also resonates with courage as well as individuation. What started for you?  Did you notice any shifts in your ability to manifest/ attract/ create?  How has your outer reality shifted?  And does it match what the inner you believes is possible or is it even better?   How  can you empower your spirit more in through the next 8 years cycle of thiscycle?  And how has the “1” global played out with your personal year number?

We will discuss this and more as well as claim all the gifts of this year then release it and get ready for 2018 a “2” global year through a guided meditation.

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