Creating a Life that is Right for YOU!

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Date(s) - 06/07/2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

485 Valleybrook Ave. Lyndhurst 2nd floor

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Date(s) – 06/07/2019
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Become One Wholeness 485 Valleybrook Ave. Lyndhurst NJ 07071 2nd floor

6/7/19 7-8:30pm  $35
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Friday and Saturday 9/20/19 6-9pm and  9/21/19 10-4pm Intensive
Become One Wholeness 485 Valleybrook Ave. Lyndhurst NJ 07071 2nd floor.

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* Subscribers use your special code to receive 10% discount


Creating a Life that is Right for YOU!
Creating a Life you want to LIVE!
Creating the Me I was Born to Be!

I’m sure you have heard of the book/video “The Secret”- a work proposing that there is a secret to leading a happy and successful life. In a nutshell this book speaks of The Law of Attraction. A philosophy that states we all have within us, the power to manifest, attract and create anything we desire. While that concept was NOT new, it WAS quite new to most of western civilization, and by the mega success and best seller status of “The Secret” we can see that “The Law of Attraction” is something many wanted and still want to understand and use.

So with so many jumping on the Law of Attraction bandwagon why do we keep manifesting what we don’t want?

What’s “the secret” to “The Secret”?

I’m sure you’ve wondered why some things are harder to manifest than others. Why in spite of your best intentions and affirmations do you often get the opposite of what you are trying to create, attract and manifest?

What kind of reality could you live if you knew what in you, or what part of you was creating and attracting people, places, things and situations that cause you pain, grief, struggle, lack, drama and chaos?

The good and the bad news——it’s true, you attract, manifest and create everything you experience. The great news– if you created it, you can un-create and re-create it.

But HOW!?

I have put together a class for those who have been struggling with, frustrated by and ready to give up on creating a life they know they can live, if only…FILL IN THE BLANK!

This class is for…..

  • those who are ready to create and live their best life– even if they are not sure of what that is.
  • those who are serious about owning their own power to life the life they want.
  • those who are ready to take their life back and HAVE everything they want.

Things we will go over….

  • Attracting — Manifesting — Creating- what exactly does this mean.
  • What is the Law of Attraction, how does it work and how to use it
  • Affirmations that really work.
  • Which part of me is doing the attracting, creating and manifesting?
  • What is subconscious manifesting mean?
  • The vital importance of Understanding Ego.
  • Understanding Soul and how it only knows how to create ease, peace, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, love, support and harmony in all areas of our life—our health and body, our work and career, our finances and in all of our relationships.
  • Applying this information to your relationships– all of them, especially your love relationships
your health
your money and your financial health
your work
  •  How to raise your Vibration and what it will do for your manifesting ability.
  •  What are the wounds and blocks that keep you stuck and unable to move ahead to manifest what you desire?
  •  Moving into the ability to Instantly Manifest– It is easier than you think.
  •  Stepping into the power you’ve had all along, to manifest and create your dream life.
  •  Creating and Manifesting peace in all areas of your life– In your HEALTH, WORK, RELATIONSHIPS AND FINANCES– ALL THE TIME
  •  Living the life you want – Living the life of your Dreams

Note:- Please bring a notebook to this class