Mediumship Events

In these two hour group events- the medium(s) will bring forth those Spirits who seek to connect with the audience. As many spirits as time allows will determine who comes through but know each message and connection affects the whole group deeply and profoundly.

We all long to connect to our loved ones who have passed and they long to connect to us. They send us signs and wait and hope that the proof they show us will allow us to know our love is not lost and our relationships continue. These group events give them a chance to re-connect or at least, make an appearance! While not everyone’s loved ones come through, their presence is usually more noticeable afterwards. Some Spirits are shy to talk in front of group! Sometimes polite Spirits let another Spirit go first because their message is more urgent and sometimes, we who are living, just need to come and see what this experience is all about.

RoseMarie (and sometimes other mediums working with her), will do her best to bring forth as many messages from Spirit as she can. Know the information, insight, healing and love brought through at these events affects all of us in a truly life changing way. For some, a renewal of hope, faith and peace are created. The opportunity to experience greater awareness of SPIRIT’S presence in all of our lives will be available for all of us.