Past Life Regression

Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Or if experiences from another lifetime are affecting you now? Do you have unexplained fears or phobias? Chronic illnesses or pains that can’t be treated or diagnosed? Do you have an unexplainable affinity to a culture or time in history? Do you have repetitive dreams of other time frames where you are not the same person you are now? Or have you been to places that are very familiar even if it is the first time you were there? These are past life memories resurfacing in current time.

Recalling information and energy from other life experiences can instantly change the reality and experiences of your current life. Illnesses, phobias, anxieties and pain miraculously vanish, relationships heal and transform and financial troubles sometimes disappear. These revealing sessions, done in groups or privately, can help you access the information and insight that will set you free. Join us this day for this transformational and life changing workshop/ meditation and access parts of your SELF that you did not know existed.

$40 in advance; $50 at the door

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4 thoughts on “Past Life Regression

  1. Christina says:

    Do you have private sessions? What is your experience? May I ask the length and cost of a session? I live in Montclair, NJ. Christina

    • Royoga says:

      I do private sessions with PLR- you can go to the readings and services page and all the info for this will be there. You can book and pay right there. My calendar is up through the year.
      I have had great personal experiences with PLR- instantaneous healings for physical and emotional issues. I have also conducted hundreds of private sessions and have witnessed great transformations and healings from this work.

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