Understanding Your Psychic Senses

This class is designed to jump start your budding psychic abilities or enhance your already powerful sensitivities and intuition. We all have psychic abilities- we were born psychic. Most of us leave our psychic ability undeveloped where it will find a channel through our dream state or show up randomly and unexpectedly. In this class, we will discuss the different psychic senses and phenomena and discuss ways in which we can develop each. We will practice meditations to discover which psychic sense is our strongest and come to understand how we individually operate as psychic beings.

If you are curious about you own psychic abilities, if you want to understand yourself on an energetic level, if you want to increase your psychic channels, then you do not want to miss this class.

Come explore your relationship to Energy- how you sense, feel, know and perceive with your psychic senses and abilities and how you can enhance, develop and understand your own psychic-intuitive senses.

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