I cannot talk about April without first reviewing March.  You may have noticed that during the month of March your super senses (aka psychic/intuitive senses) were on hyper drive.  Remember, psychic ability is part of all of our nature.  We all have these super senses whether we acknowledge them or not, whether we understand them or not, whether we disown them or not.  Psychic means being receptive to energy. Intuitive is our ability to read or interpret the energy.  The Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces really brought our awareness to these innate abilities we all naturally possess. Perhaps your empathic nature kicked up– allowing you to feel others emotional, mental or physical pain.  Maybe your telepathy was on high gear and everyone you thought about or mentioned showed up in your path.  Maybe you had a flash of a vision in your mind’s eye only to see the same thing a little while later in your reality.  Maybe you just “knew” something.  These are your super senses picking up energetic data you can’t see with your physical eyes.  Kinda like we know that there is electrical current but we can’t see it  or even feel it running through the wires.


We may also have received A’HA moments or moments of clarity.  These events are like an information exchanged or received that seems to have a heightened illumination.  Like I found out through my older sister that my grandmother thought I was not my father’s child because I was the only one in our family with light eyes.  I always knew and felt she didn’t like me, and the feeling was mutual, but I thought it was because she favored my younger sister and I was too wild of a child for her.  Hmmm who knew.  Now it all made sense.  What was your March AHA or AHA’s…. perhaps you got clarity around why you do some of the things you do?  Or why you have had certain phobias or fears.  Maybe your imaginary reality– being out of touch with your real reality came crashing down.  Maybe your recognized some of the stuff you feel, act out or carry isn’t even yours because you are an empath and didn’t know or understand that.  Maybe you faced the truth about people or situations in your life instead of believing the facade.  Maybe you finally saw and owned your worth, your power, your skill set, your psychic/intuitive abilities.  Maybe you recognized your egoic thoughts, patterns, behaviors and pain bodies.  Whatever the AHA it was a month of revelations.  Spells were broken, stuff was revealed, illusions were cleared.  We cannot go forward and live our truth until that which is in the shadow comes to light and this month March was all about that.


April is a 7 month in a 3 global year.  We will process all the information and clarity we received during the past month….almost like digesting a a full meal.  A new foundation and paradigm is being set for our future based on this upgraded information and energy shift.  The focus will be on the inward changes occurring mentally, emotionally and energetically.  Even though we will feel the energy of rebirth and renewal pulling us outward into the world, quiet, alone time and time to be still will be very important now.  It is a time to sober up– and again for many since Pisces rules addiction and illusion– this will be literal.  If we try and avoid this processing process, things will be super uncomfortable.  We cannot un-ring the bell.  The spirit in us simply will not allow it and it will not go quietly.  Once we get clear about something (last month) or sober (again last month), it takes about 30-45 days to have the mental clarity and the outside reality become congruent.  In other words we start to see the truth of our reality instead of the lie, illusion, delusion,deception, misperception, un clarity, confusion or shadow.  As the inside changes the outside has to catch up. We eventually find we are living our life with an upgraded program and our reality starts to match that. The reality mirrors the perception.  This take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. And that is where the fun begins and things get real, get empowered and get authentic.


So April will be a month of thinking things through, pondering, reflecting and processing.  Kind of like a Sunday morning where you wake up and are sitting having your coffee, recalling your dreams and  pondering/interpreting their meaning or what they may be telling you. By April 20th or so you will feel the forward motion of life engaging you to  come out of your thoughts and into presence.  Your life will be in a different upgraded place then.  By end of June, most of the processing of emotional fallout, residue or old emotional baggage will be done and there will be a sense of freedom, joy and a boost of energy for us to use to create, attract and/or manifest what comes next in our life.  With that said,in September I will be hosting a two day intensive in Lyndhurst NJ called Ro-Creating…taking your power to create the life that is right for you, creating the life you want to live, creating the you, you were born to be. You absolutely have the power to create the life you want instead of just allowing what comes next to happen by default. This class will reveal the power you have had all along and how to use that power consciously. I will be sending details on this class in May.


So until then, get outside and ground.  Do your processing.  I will see you in May.

It is me Ro

Wishing you Peace

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