RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

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I am….
A wife, mom, sister, daughter, Aunt, friend (I have the same friends I have had since I am a little girl and have just added more along the way), dog mom
A teacher, storyteller, pretty good cook, perpetual student, dancer, lover of all things sacred
I prefer the beach to the mountains and sunsets to sunrises.
My favorite place on Earth is Wildwood/Cape May NJ
I was born in New Jersey and still live in my hometown of Lyndhurst NJ
I love the Autumn and Winter the best.  
I love to read and need to sleep at least 9-10 hours a night.  
I love to watch any kind of movies and my favorite music is Classic Rock, Disco and Rhythm and Blues.  My favorite band is the Rolling Stones
Some call me Professor Ro, Aunt Ro, Nani Ro, Miss Rose and was once called Little Ro because I am named after my mother. 
I am really an introvert who lives a very extroverted life.  
The most important people in my life and my reason for living are named John, Nicolas, Justine, Julianne and Gracie.  
It’s me Ro
I have been public speaking since 2015 when I began promoting my book Speaking From Spirit.  I started doing presentations at local libraries.  This soon expanded to libraries around the state and then out of state libraires and various clubs/organizations.  By 2016, most of the libraries/organizations asked me if I would return and asked what other programs I could offer.  I had many classes I had taught over the years, so we started offering these. Since then, I have become a repeat presenter at many libraries. What started as book promotion has now become regular speaking engagements.  I am proud to say, there are many people that repeatedly attend my events.  This platform of public speaking has allowed me to share knowledge on many esoteric, spiritual and mystical topics while relating them to our everyday life. Combined with the wisdom, knowledge and expertise I have on spiritual ways of living, my presentations offer grounded insight into our daily life and interactions but from a higher perspective.  I feel they help us expand our way of thinking so we may live more authentic, grounded and most of all, fulfilling lives.
I feel I was born a teacher. I have that strong teacher archetype in me.  My early dance training and performance life prepared me to be completely comfortable in front of an “audience.” My presentations are interactive and personal as well as informative and…… I think the people that come have a lot of fun!

    Available for — Events, Conferences, Blogs, Podcasts, Media, Interviews
    In person or Virtual
    All presentations 90-120 minutes
    Starting at $600 

    Do you feel connected to Spirit, higher intelligence– a consciousness greater than you? Do you actively call on this source for support to help you in your day to day life? What if you could access this creative force in a tangible, practical and authoritative way? We will discuss this often under-utilized resource and how to work with it in a more conscious and powerful way. We will call on and build our connection to our unseen helpers—who are always helping us anyway whether we believe in them or not- and build our success teams for health and wellness and for financial support, guidance, success, assistance and structure. We will call on the relationship specialists and even the ones for career guidance and direction. Just as there are people with special gifts and skills on Earth that can assist us- Higher Consciousness/Heaven is filled with such guides, teachers, helpers and angels that have specialties too. Come meet the teams, build the teams and work with the behind the scenes helpers that work with you. When you work consciously with your spirit teams you will notice that life just seems to work out easier. Things start falling into place miraculously. Details get ironed out and things come together in a perfect way. You will always be in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people and opportunities and resources show up in unexpected ways. This class can be taken over and over again to gain even more insight, help and support from spirit. This is truly life changing information. Please bring a notebook and pen.

    I will be making some Spirit connections for those in attendance.
    Some things we will discuss:
    What is mediumship
    How does it work
    Who experiences mediumship and how do we develop our mediumistic channel
    Signs from our loved ones
    Dream visits from our loved ones
    How to understand grief, the grief process and grieve well

    Ever wake from a nightmare in total fear? Or have a dream you are convinced is prophecy (going to happen)? Do you remember your dreams? Do you lucid dream? And if not, how can you develop your awareness of your dream state and use it purposely to enhance your life, get important, sometimes life changing information, solve problems, increase your psychic ability, heal yourself and help others? Working with the dream state is an invaluable tool for consciously (while you are unconscious no less!) connecting more deeply to your intuition and to spirit. Did you know that all great inventors and some artists often get inspiration and ideas in their dream state?  Think Steve Jobs and Keith Richards!!! Dreams can be information from your subconscious, unconscious, higher conscious and sometimes even Divine Consciousness. How can you tell? Dreams have been recorded throughout history and in EVERY religious text. Psychic information, inspiration (think Beethoven’s Symphony) and much needed daily information is often downloaded and received in dreams.  Understanding how to use the dream state to invoke information is one of the greatest tools you can access. Not only will we discuss how to interpret our dreams, but also how to use the dream state for purpose and transformation

    Here are just some of the things we will discuss….
    •  Dream states and how to advance into higher stages of learning and purpose
    •  Categories of dreams and what they mean
    •  Common Signs and Symbols in dreams and what they mean
    •  Colors in dreams and what they mean
    •  Interpreting your own dreams and others dreams
    • Understanding psychic information in dreams and how to know what a premonition is and what isn’t
    •  Getting inspiration and million dollar ideas in the dream state
    •  Astral travel and Astral Catalepsy– you know, when you wake up and feel like you can’t speak or someone is holding you down
    •  Using the dream state for healing- like the shamans did
    • Dream visits from your loved ones and how to have them more often
    • What is lucid dreaming and how to develop or enhance that
    • What is sleep paralysis
    • What is good sleep hygiene and why that is so important
    Did you ever pick up the phone to call someone and they are calling you at the same time? Did you ever think of someone
    only to run into them the next day? Or maybe someone you are with says something that you were just thinking about.
    These are all forms of telepathy… defined… the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.
    We all have the ability to communicate without words… through thoughts and feelings and knowing. Some of us are naturally more
    telepathic (and communicative) than others but all of us can learn to utilize thought communication in a more effective and profound
    way. In this class/meditation we will learn and practice communicating telepathically and why that is so important for healthy,
    authentic and truly intimate relationships. 
    Some things we will discuss and practice 
    · What is telepathic communication 
    · Why and how should we use telepathy 
    · What are the benefits of telepathy
    · Mapping your “clairaudient” hearing
    · Soul to Soul Communication
    · Receiving and Sending telepathic communication
    I’m sure you have heard of the book/video “The Secret”- a work proposing that there is a secret to leading a happy and successful life. In a nutshell this book speaks of The Law of Attraction. A philosophy that states we all have within us, the power to manifest, attract and create anything we desire. While that concept was NOT new, it WAS quite new to most of western civilization, and by the mega success and best seller status of “The Secret” we can see that “The Law of Attraction” is something many wanted and still want to understand and use. So with so many jumping on the Law of Attraction bandwagon why do we keep manifesting what we don’t want? What’s “the secret” to “The Secret”? I’m sure you’ve wondered why some things are harder to manifest than others. Why in spite of your best intentions and affirmations do you often get the opposite of what you are trying to create, attract and manifest? What kind of reality could you live if you knew what in you, or what part of you was creating and attracting people, places, things and situations that cause you pain, grief, struggle, lack, drama and chaos? The good and the bad news——it’s true, you attract, manifest and create everything you experience. The great news– if you created it, you can un-create and re-create it. But HOW!? I have put together a class for those who have been struggling with, frustrated by and ready to give up on creating a life they know they can live, if only…FILL IN THE BLANK! This class is for….. –those who are ready to create and live their best life– even if they are not sure of what that is. —those who are serious about owning their own power to life the life they want. —those who are ready to take their life back and HAVE everything they want. Things we will go over…. 
    * Attracting — Manifesting — Creating- what exactly does this mean. 
    *What is the Law of Attraction, how does it work and how to use it 
    * Affirmations that really work. * Which part of me is doing the attracting, creating and manifesting? 
    * What is subconscious manifesting mean 
    * The vital importance of Understanding Ego. 
    * Understanding Soul and how it only knows how to create ease, peace, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, love, support and harmony in all areas of our life—our health and body, our work and career, our finances and in all of our relationships. 
    * Applying this information to your relationships– all of them, especially your love relationships, your health, your money and your financial health and your work 
    *How to raise your Vibration and what it will do for your manifesting ability. 
    * What are the wounds and blocks that keep you stuck and unable to move ahead to manifest what you desire? * Moving into the ability to Instantly Manifest– It is easier than you think. 
    * Stepping into the power you’ve had all along, to manifest and create your dream life. Creating and 
    Manifesting peace in all areas of your life– In your HEALTH, WORK, RELATIONSHIPS AND FINANCES– ALL THE TIME 
    * Living the life you want – Living the life of your Dreams
    What is an empath? How do you know if you are an empath or have empathic tendencies? More important, how do you manage empathy so it doesn’t manage you? There is a big difference between having empathy and being an empath? “Having empathy means our heart goes out to another person in joy or pain,” says Dr. Judith Orloff. “But for empaths it goes much further. We actually feel others’ emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in our own bodies, without the usual defenses that most people have.” If this describes you, this class is a must. 
    Some things we will cover… 
    -Physical, Mental, Emotional, Situational Empathy 
    -Energy clearing for the Empath -Protection from Sensory and Compassion Overload 
    -Raising and understanding your Empathic child -The Empath at work 
    -The Empath in relationships and how to choose a right partner if you are an empathy 
    -How your Empathic Nature affects you mentally, emotionally, physically 
    Are you an Empath? 
    1. Have you ever been label overly sensitive, shy or introverted? 
    2. Do you frequently get overwhelmed or anxious? 
    3. Do arguments and yelling make you physically ill? 
    4. Do crowds drain you? Do you need time alone to revive yourself? 
    5. Do noise, odors, lights and too much talk overwhelm you? 
    6. Do you startle easily? 
    7. Do you react strongly to caffeine, chemicals, and medications or have food and chemical sensitivities? 
    8. Do you tend to socially isolate? 
    9. Do you absorb other people’s stress, emotions or symptoms? 
    10. Do you need a lot of sleep and take a long time to recover after being with difficult people? 
    If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions you are probably an empathy!
    What is true healing? How can we help our bodies heal from illness and injury? How can we transcend and/or transform issues (mental-emotional-physical), repetitive patterns, addictions, habits etc…There are thousands if not millions of books on this. Many modalities, techniques tinctures, mixtures, pharmaceuticals and protocols both allopathic and alternative yet none comprehensive enough to cover this most sought after (googled) topic. Most seem to manage a symptom. In new age circles the practice of “channeling energy- channeling healing” is popular but yet what exactly does that do? When is that needed and appropriate? And when is it not? It falls short just like most of the others. So, what is missing/ True healing must happen on the most basic energetic level. One must have enough power, prana juice to activate true and lasting healing. It must be comprehensive and deal with not only the mental-physical- emotional self, it must activate the soul/spiritual power. It must address every direction of time (past-present-future) it must invoke Source power. It must look at the empathic multi-sensory piece. It must address the ancestral, cultural, geographical, biological, familial wounds and patterns and collective conscious wounds and patterns. It must look at the environmental factors, soul contract, birth traumas and all other cultural/ancestral/life traumas. We must examine the collective conscious beliefs about what is possible in healing and think above them, transcend them. It requires an openness a vulnerability a tenacity to address all these levels and a willingness to address each system… much like running a scan on your computer to clear and release viruses and malware. The only one who can, is the individual seeking to heal. When we understand healing on this level- the right team will align to support that.   This class is for anyone who would like to understand healing on a more dynamic and comprehensive level. It is for practitioners of any kind, alternative and allopathic, that want to further understand multi levels of healing and how to be an effective conduit of healing. It is simply for those who are drawn to this subject. 
    Some things we will discuss and practice:
     -What is a Dark Night of the Soul 
     -All illness/crisis an opportunity 
     -All Illness/Crisis a dark night of the soul 
    – What is the message of this Illness
     -All illness is calling for something to be transformed 
     -The perfect storm that creates illness 
     -The body’s ability to heal and restore and resurrect itself 
     -Instantaneous healing -The role of Heredity Familial Genetics 
     -How the body gives messages and clues
    – Decoding what the symptoms say 
     -Illness as a purpose/Destiny -Illness and the Empath 
     -Illness and the Painbody-feeds the pain body 
     -Past life ties to Illness 
     -Shadow loyalty to Illness and what that means 
     -Ancestral wounding
    – Illness as one of the Ancestral traumas or painbodies 
     -Why people don’t heal 
     -Attachments to pain suffering struggle drama chaos
    – Guilt-shame-resentment role in illness 
    – Ego disease 
     -Negative thoughts and their role in illness 
     – Acceptance of what is

    Ever wonder who you were in another life or if you even lived another life? Or if events from another time frame are still affecting you now? What exactly is is Karma? Reincarnation is defined as the rebirth of a soul into a new body or form. Each lifetime brings with it specific lessons that are necessary for our spiritual evolution. Many spiritual practices believe in reincarnation…. that our souls return to this earth over a series of lifetimes to evolve, learn, grow, transform, and become more spiritually attuned through the course of each life. It is believed that we tend to cycle through our different lives with many of the same people. Often these “soul mates” are the ones we enter into relationships with. We are given the chance to work through our unresolved issues together so that we may heal. There may be a specific lesson that we are supposed to learn in a lifetime. Being naturally blessed with a musical talent or another gift can be a special ability that you worked hard to develop in a past life. We live as other genders, races, and as part of different social or economic classes to experience different aspects of life. Each lifetime brings with it specific lessons that are necessary for our spiritual evolution.

    Can we access this information- this soul consciousness– and if so, how? Our understanding of time and space is changing… Albert Einstein explained time and space in his theory of relativity, allowing us to understand that all time is happening at the same time. Past life recall can give us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives. Recalling information and energy from other life experiences can instantly change the reality and experiences of your current life. Illnesses, phobias, anxieties and pain miraculously vanish, relationships heal and transform, and financial troubles sometimes disappear. These revealing sessions, done in groups or privately, can help you access the information and insight that will set you free. Join me as I lead you through a guided meditation that will uncover and reveal information that will help you live with a greater understanding into your current life situations. This is an extremely transformational and life changing experience that will profoundly affect your life in a big way.

    Some things we will discuss and discover:

    • A basic understanding of reincarnation
    • What is Karma -How time works
    • How we recall memories from other lives
    • Why understanding the past may help you now
    • Higher Consciousness in the subconscious
    • Soul Memories
    • Akashic Records- what are they
    • Healing with regression therapy – instantaneous healing- finding root causes to issues
    • Healing trauma and unresolved issues
    • Breaking vows, oaths and ties from another lifetime
    • Reclaiming energy and Soul Fragments from another lifetime
    • Examples of regression sessions
    • Life Between Lives
    • Kids recall of Other Lifetimes
    • Meditation to another life memory– (please have a notebook and pen)

    What does it mean to be psychic?  Have you ever just “felt” something was wrong- only to receive bad news? Or “just knew” something before someone told you?  Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they call, text or you run into them?  Have you ever followed a hunch and it turned out to be right? Have you ever had a dream only to find out it came true?  These are just some examples of how we pick up information psychically. We are all psychic and intuitive.  Do you know the difference?  In this presentation we discuss the 5 “clairs” of psychic ability and the difference between psychic and intuitive information.  We discuss and practice how to understand, work with and develop these senses stronger to live a more aware, conscious and powerful life.  

    Spiritual people have higher self-esteem, positive relationships, are more optimistic and follow a strong purpose in life. They are more in tune to their natural psychic and intuitive abilities. Spiritual Development is about finding and living the rules of integrity and following the path of Your Spirit and Divine Spirit. It is about living a rich and full life, a satisfying life your most authentic life. Spiritual Practices supports this process and ongoing development. Spiritual Knowledge explains this and helps one to understand life from a much higher perspective. Spiritual Knowledge raises our consciousness.

    What does it mean to be SPIRITUALLY HUMAN? 
    Living a Spiritually Grounded Life means living with integrity, living authentically in every area of your life… in your work, your health, your relationships, your finances… it means you are living your DESTINY instead of fating yourself with unwise choices. Many people are spiritually grounded and don’t even know it. It means you experience ease, peace, love, joy, harmony, abundance, prosperity, connection in every moment of every day even when life is hard or when life throws curve balls at you or when you face challenges. It means you can hold your center, know who you are and who you are not and accept yourself always. There is no pretense — you are real when you are Spiritually Grounded.  There is nothing to prove.
    It means you acknowledge and utilize your ability to consciously and in an empowered way, co-create with the forces of good in the unseen world… to co-create your life and this world.  
    It means you can hold your mental, physical and emotional peace even when things are falling apart. 
    Are you Spiritually Human?  
    Right now, with so much going on in the world, with so much uncertainty and ambiguity, it’s even harder to stay grounded, to stay clear, to stay out of your head and to keep negativity from entering your head.  It is easy to ‘be human” and let it all get to you. It is even easier to “go dark” (in thoughts, in emotions, in hopelessness, despair, blame, anger, rage, resentment, bitterness, discontent, disillusionment etc.). But when we go dark– even for a few minutes, we invite more dark into our being– into our thoughts– into our hearts— into our core. Do you want that?  
    We are human so things will get to us from time to time but Spiritually Human individuals know, through self-awareness, when this is happening and can redirect themselves out of their misery. Challenges come up on this Earth Plane but suffering is optional. Suffering has a lot to do with perception and resistance to what is and also expectations of what we want instead of what is.  
    How do Spiritually Human people respond to challenges? To stress? To life in general. Even though life is messy, it doesn’t have to be chaos. How do Spiritually Human people hold their peace in the midst of challenges, chaos, and mess?  Well first, they respond instead of react.  They redirect out of their own dense, dark or negative thinking and look at and for the bigger picture.  They accept things as they are- without making them right or wrong.  They hold space instead of trying to fix things.  They trust in the process of life- even and maybe especially- when they do not understand what it all means or why things are the way they are.  They connect inward instead of looking for answers, comfort, security outward.  They seek guidance from the unseen world and KNOW that it is not only available but certain.  They live in a place of trust and faith- not just when it is convenient or easy but always. These are things they live–not just know or believe.  
    I believe every problem we have in this world– whether personal or global– is a product of Spiritual disconnect.  All suffering, crisis, issues… are a Spiritual Disconnect.  From addictions, wars, inequality, violence, prejudice, human trafficking, mental health issues, emotional instability and anxiety, discontent, even loneliness… All a Spiritual disconnect.  And the way we stop creating these realities is to become Spiritually grounded and centered.  Not sometimes, not just when in ritual, not on the full moon…. ALWAYS– IN EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY
    In this class we discuss what it means to be Spiritually Human to Live Authentically, to Feel Connected to a Power greater than you and how to work, live, and walk a Spiritually Grounded Life. It is simpler than you think. In fact you may already be doing this.  
    There is a Zen quote–Before enlightenment…chop wood fetch water.  After enlightenment… chop wood fetch water.   Meaning, all of life even the most mundane becomes sacred after you find and connect to SELF and SOURCE.  


    “I attended the Dreams class with Ro at the Ocean County library. It was very insightful. I would definitely attend more of her events. I am very interested in exploring the past life regression session.” Marilyn C
    “I have had the pleasure of attending several classes and events run by Rosemarie, affectionately known as “Ro” to her students and friends. The topics she has covered range from “Building Your Spiritual Team” and “Dream Interpretations” to her yearly “Super Soul Saturday”, which lays out the foundation of each upcoming year. The classes are always fun, informative, and interactive and Ro has a way of taking somewhat unfamiliar topics and presenting them in a way that is easy for even a newbie to understand. Whether she is speaking about how to connect with loved ones on the other side or who you might have been in a past life or even how to enhance your inner power, you can tell that she is well versed in and has a deep understanding of the subject at hand. That knowledge, along with her down-to-earth style of speaking, is what makes Ro so relatable and her classes and talks so enjoyable to attend. If you have the opportunity to work with Ro or hear her speak, I would definitely recommend it!” Mary Fitzgerald
    “Having attended multiple library events showcasing Mediumship, Angel Messages, Past Life Regression, and Dream Interpretation, I can confidently say that Ro consistently surpasses expectations. Each session brings forth new perspectives and avenues for personal development. Ro’s authentic passion, humor, and profound connection to the spiritual realm are evident in her storytelling, teaching, and engagement with participants. The way she connects with departed loved ones, delivering messages of love and guidance, is truly beyond words. Every experience with Ro is consistently enjoyable and enriching, leaving me with a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.” Denise Geddis


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