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RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

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What is the Online Spiritual Community?

We all need support in growing our spiritual understanding, knowledge, power, purpose and consciousness–especially in this “7” global year. Now you can do this with me and a great group people in the comfort of your own home or space. We will meet once a month from 7-8:30pm via zoom for a live meeting, meditation and spiritual discussion. You will simply get an email with a link that you click on at the designated time and day and you will be in the live meeting where we will work together virtually, personally, in real time. We can speak to each other, and you can also type in comments or questions if you would like. You can also join by phone. It is very simple, even for the technology terrified like me! If you can’t be on the live meeting, you will get the uncut recording, and all follow up notes shortly after to listen to in your own leisure.

These online meetings give us a chance to connect to our spiritual support group both in body and out of body!!! We come together in these meetings to share, to learn, to grow, to inspire, to create, to support and hold each other…. and we always meditate and “power up” together. We will discuss the monthly energy and anything astrological or numerological. We will meditate and sometimes have a theme/topic or even guest speaker. We will share what we know and/or have been doing and we will grow our spiritual awareness, connection and power together.

Plus— there are tons of SUBSCRIBER ONLY benefits. It is a great way for us to stay in touch and grow our connection without distance being an obstacle. The investment of $30 per month is well worth the peace of mind and Soul support you will receive. Hope you can join me (us) and become part of our very powerful group.

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Read What Our Subscribers Are Saying

I always considered myself a spiritual versus religious person…you brought a whole new meaning to spirituality! You have been an amazing mentor in my spiritual journey and growth. I am so honored to have met you and cannot wait to have you to share the next chapter of my life with. You touched my soul with your gift as a psychic and medium. These gifts you share to the world are priceless and life changing! Ro has a very strong connection to spirit and is able to share spiritual wisdom in a very practical and personalized way. I have referred Ro to many family members and friends over the years and each one of them was touched in a special way from the insight Ro shared whether it be a message from a loved one who has passed or a personal message that brought them great validation, love and happiness. To say the least, I highly recommend Ro and her services.
-Lisa M
With each webinar, I gain a lot of insight. It’s great to have a subscription and auto payment, which lessens my worries a lot. I especially like Ro’s motherly ways, the love and encouragement she gives to all participants. The breathing techniques she teaches are extremely helpful. Money well spent.
My favorite webinar is her energy balancing. It helps to ground you and release stress from the day. After the meditation I feel so relaxed and refreshed. Being a subscriber has kept me in the loop of all of Ro’s events. Ro has helped me in so many ways with all of her gifts and talents. As a subscriber I am signed up for all of her webinars, it’s so easy! The webinars are also recorded and sent to you to have for future reference. During these webinars Ro will also make time to go over any content as needed. As a subscriber I also receive 10% off any venue she has.”
Knowing Ro, through Speaking With Spirit as well as Mediumship Events, I liked the idea of doing Webinars. I felt that if she could achieve the same result while I’m in the privacy of my own home, then her true authentic self had to be present for this. But then I thought about it… and I felt like this was a commitment to ‘one more thing’… that I may or may not have time for. I decided to try it. I loved that it was interactive… She was speaking to me. I got to ask questions and share my reflections on what we were exploring. While I’m very comfortable in her presence this was certainly a great experience. Being able to attend… no matter if you have a mask on your face or laundry to do or inclement weather preventing you from physically being some where. And then the next webinar rolled around… and just as I had thought… I didn’t have the time that evening. Ugh! Not to worry.. she gives us the codes and we can return to the event at any time to have the experience , do the lesson, what ever it is… at our own convenience. It doesn’t really get any better than that, I must say. It’s kind of like she is always there for us.
I am really happy that I met Ro. I found her book in the West Caldwell library and after reading it I looked her up on line and sent her an email and she immediately sent me one back. I was really looking for some spiritual guidance and Ro was very helpful and accessible. I went to one of her library talks and was actually one of the 3 people who had a spiritual reading that was very meaningful to me. I became a subscriber this past January and have really benefited from the webinars. I look forward to each one and the meditations are so beneficial- I really feel so much better after each session. I can’t wait to have a personal one on one session with Ro which I will be scheduling soon. I am very happy that I met Ro and all of her programs and associations.
First of all Ro is an amazing person and spiritual teacher. The community she is building has helped me in so many ways. The support you receive while you’re on the webinars makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself. Knowing you are already signed up takes off the pressure of having to follow a calendar. You just receive the email notifications and you are all set. I look forward to each one but I especially like the archangels and energy balancing ones! It’s part of my spiritual practice now!
This subscription has kept me connected to an open-minded community. I love doing the webinars, it is very motivating to hear the subscribers struggles as well as breakthroughs, their stories let me know I’m on the right track. This subscription has kept me working on my own ability and kept me motivated. It’s the best me money I spend every month!”

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