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June 2021 Energy Alert

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This channel offers a spiritual perspective on life, death, life events, world events, the mental, emotional and physical aspects living beings encounter and insights into all the areas we as humans deal with — health, relationships, work and finances.  It is designed to uplift and offer comfort and wisdom to all those who watch/subscribe.  Each month, I will offer an energy alert, sort of like a psychic forecast to help us navigate and work with the energy currents present at the time. These alerts are practical and grounded in solid terms helping us to understand from a higher perspective (from an energetic perspective)  what we may encounter and experience and how we can work with that for our highest potential and greatest peace.  Hope you join this spiritual community and begin understanding your own life from a much deeper level.  Let us each create our own peace filled life and then we create a peace filled world.

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RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello is a published author, Intuitive Medium, Yoga Instructor (since 1989), Ordained Spiritual Minister, Hypnotherapist, Hospice Grief counselor/volunteer, Reiki attuned, and a BS Physical Education MSU. I was not always psychic/intuitive. In 1995, I was in a car accident where… read more.