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In each Online Meeting—These online meetings give us a chance to connect to our spiritual support group both in body and out of body! We come together to connect, to share, to learn, to grow, to inspire, to create, to support and hold each other, to meditate and power up together. We will discuss the monthly energy and anything astrological or numerological. We will meditate and sometimes have a theme/topic to discuss. We will share what we know or have been doing and we will “power up” together. And we will grow our spiritual awareness, connection and power.

 Dates For 2020 Meetings—
1/6/20 What’s in Store for 2020 — a “4” Global Year
Monday 2/3/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 3/9/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 4/6/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 5/4/20 7 to 8:00pm
Thursday 6/11/20 7 to 8:00pm
Tuesday 7/7/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 8/3/20 7 to 8:00pm
Wednesday  9/9/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 10/5/20 7 to 8:00pm  w/Jack Hopkins Astrologer
Monday 11/9/20 7 to 8:00pm
Monday 12/21/20 — Reflections on 2020– a “4” Global Year—-7 to 8:30pm


5/21/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA–Principles and Laws of Attracting, Manifesting, Creating
6/4/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA–Who is doing the  Attracting, Manifesting, Creating
6/17/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA–Why do I keep Attracting, Manifesting, Creating
what I don’t want
7/2/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA– How do I  Attract, Manifest, Create more of what I do want
7/16/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA–Healing the Wounding Part 1 Painbodies
7/29/2020 3pm
RO CREATING–LOA–Healing the Wounding Part 2 Ancestral Wounds




2/8/2021 7PM

3/9/2021 7PM

4/5/2021 7PM

5/3/2021 7PM

6/8/2021 7PM

7/5/2021 7PM

8/2/2021 7PM

9/7/2021 7PM

10/4/2021 7PM

11/1/2021 7PM


Plus Bonus web series in 2021
4 weeks
Healing Webinar Class Series
Ro Creating continued…Webinar Class Series
Psychic/Intuitive Development Webinar Class Series 

The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels within the energetic body. A chakra or “wheel/circle/vortex” center runs a specific consciousness as well as the flow of energy or prana and effects the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being of the living being. Each is connected to various organs and glands. All seven main chakras are responsible for the flow of prana or energy through the body. When blocked, issue or struggles will ensue in that particular consciousness/body system and/or emotion.

In this class we shall discuss each of the seven main chakras as well as the aura and kundalini energy. We will discuss the manifestation and liberation current according to the chakra system as well as the psychic senses associated with each one.

In each session we will also do a chakra balancing and cleansing and discuss how to read the chakra system of a person as well as understand how blockages in a chakra affect a person.

What is true healing?  How can we transcend and/or transform issues (mental-emotional-physical), repetitive patterns, addictions, habits etc…There are thousands if not millions of books on this.  Many modalities, techniques  tinctures, mixtures, pharmaceuticals and protocols both allopathic and alternative yet none comprehensive enough to cover this most sought after (goggled) topic.  Most seem to manage a symptom.  In new age circles the practice of “channeling energy– channeling healing” is popular but yet what exactly does that do?  It falls short just like most of the others.  So what is missing/
True healing must happen on the most basic energetic level.
One must have enough power, prana  juice to activate true and lasting healing.
It must be comprehensive and deal with not only the mental-physical- emotional self, it must activate the soul/spiritual power.  It must address every direction of time (past-present-future) it must invoke Source power.  It must look at the empathic multi sensory piece.  It must address the ancestral, cultural, geographical, biological, familial wounds and patterns and collective conscious wounds and patterns.  It must look at the environmental factors, soul contract, birth traumas and all other life traumas.  We must examine the collective conscious beliefs about what is possible in healing and think above them, transcend them.  It requires an openness a  vulnerability a tenacity to address all these levels and a willingness to fix each system… much like running a scan on your computer to clear and release viruses and malware.  But where to begin…
Most practitioners have a “field of expertise” and at best they are adept, trained, versed, experienced, schooled, skilled and talented at their field.  At best they bring a whole healthy SELF to their work as a healing facilitator.  Examples–your OBGYN- primary care-cardiologist, your acupuncturist, psychiatrist-therapist-psychologist-life coach,your nutritionist, herbalist,  trainer, coach, hair care specialist, your therapy animal, spiritual mentor- clergy-chaplain, your sponsor, you Reiki master and massage therapist, speech/hearing/sex therapist… each comes from their own specialty and frame of reference but often do not address the whole or tap into the many layers, levels, dimensions and planes for true healing and transcendence to occur.
This class is for anyone who would like to understand healing on a more dymanic and comprehensive level.  It is for practitioners of any kind- alternative and allopathic that want to further understand multi levels of healing and how to be an effective conduit of healing.
It is for…
For those who are drawn to this subject.

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