RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

Author of Speaking From Spirit

Hi It's me, Ro

Bergen County NJ Author—RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

Intuitive/Medium/Healer, Hospice Trained Grief volunteer, Ordained Spiritual Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Attuned, BS Physical Education MSU

Author of Speaking From Spirit

The Mediumistic Channel opened in me around 1999. To say I was not thrilled with this, is an understatement. My teachers would later tell me, I was born this way, that I was always this way. I would argue, I was not. I did not recall this as a child or even as a young adult. I was however, very intuitive and perceptive as a child and I always seemed to “know” things. I always just “knew” how someone was feeling and often what they were thinking. I had very vivid and often precognitive dreams too- still do.

I NEVER had a fear of death. In fact, I often thought…”I wonder how long I will have to be here..” not because I was unhappy or didn’t have a good life, more because I didn’t always understand why people couldn’t see what I saw or understand life the way I did.

In 1995, a Spiritual Journey began for me. As is often the case, it came when I was in personal crisis. Like I always did, I went to “my God” to find my answers and guidance. I was born into a Catholic non-religious family (even though my paternal Aunt was a Franciscan Nun) but I always KNEW and often had my own mental conversations with My God. The book—-Are you there God It’s Me Margaret —validated and encouraged that! What happened then was a sequence of synchronicities that brought just the right books, the right classes, the right people, the right teachers and the right experiences that would help me not only through the crisis, but would also awaken, strengthen and help me to remember the Spirit within me. My world internally and externally completely changed. And I KNEW I was being guided and protected through it all.


When I had my first mediumistic experience, I knew what it was…. I just thought it would be a one-time thing and it would go away. And then it didn’t. It often felt like that scene in the movie Ghost when all the Spirits are in the room waiting their turn to talk through Oda Mae. I realized I better figure this out or it was going to overwhelm me. Again, just the right teachers showed up. Teachers from the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England and the from all over the world. They began to help me hone, strengthen, understand and develop the psychic, mediumistic, healing and intuitive abilities that were in me all along. The time came for these latent pieces of me to emerge. I can tell you for sure– when you are ready the Hogwarts does appear for you and I was definitely ushered in.
I have been working professionally as an Intuitive/Psychic/Medium/Healer/Teacher since 2000. I am a trained Yoga Instructor, have been Reiki Attuned and Certified as a Hypnotherapist and Hospice Grief Counselor. I hold a degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education from Montclair State University. I still teach Yoga at MSU in the Physical Education Department.

I am the Author of a book called Speaking From Spirit.

I have done thousands of private and group readings throughout the United States. I have connected many people to their loved ones in Spirit. Many people claim their lives change dramatically after having a reading and that the weight and density of their grief lessens.

I have taught many classes on esoteric subjects helping people demystify the ways they experience their own psychic senses, Spirit, the Universe and ultimately their own life.

For the past 8 years, my work has focused on, Public Speaking and forming an Online Spiritual Community where we come together, learn, grow, evolve, develop and look at life from a Higher Perspective. Some topics covered are Telepathy, Dream Interpretation, Healing, Working with Your Angels, Psychic Studies, Mediumship Development, Meditation and Understanding the Soul/Spirit.
I have also been working One on One with select individuals in what I call Spiritual Mentoring. We work on understanding their life and experiences from a Higher Spiritual Perspective. We also work on living Life Spiritually Grounded and Authentic. We discover what it means for each person to live a fulfilling, purposeful reality and work on creating a life worth living.

As a Regressionist/Hypnotherapist and Theta Healing Practitioner I work with people privately and in group healing/regression sessions to find their root causes of issues. We find them and we weed them out of the unconscious. I often refer to myself affectionately as the Ganesha (the Hindu God that removes obstacles) in my circles. While I no longer work with Hospice, my hospice training allows me to be there with family, friends and clients as they are getting ready to transition. This is my most Sacred work and I feel completely privileged and blessed to be able to do this.

So this is my Spiritual Journey and this is my work– for now– until I get another assignment from Spirit.

It is me Ro
Wishing you Peace and Joy