7 tips to living a more authentic life – (4/22/15)

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A repeat of this important class…..

Some of you have received these tips from my website. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to download this FREE Ebook —-you don’t want to miss these very simple and grounding guidelines that can make your whole life so much easier. I will offer a guided mini meditation for each of these tips so that we not only KNOW them, we energetically GROUND them and then LIVE them!

Some things we will work on
*Owning our Spirit
*Empowering our Spirit
*Commanding all of Heaven for support
*The importance of Gratitude
*What Living from your Spirit Looks and Feels Like

If you are ready to live free from worrying, wondering, fretting, fearing–if you are ready to give up anxiety and uncertainty, then you are ready to discuss these 7 Spiritual Tips with me!