RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

Old School Low Impact Dance Aerobics with Ro

Dance Aerobic Fitness Class with Ro-- Available in Person, by Zoom and Recording Only Get Fit and Reclaim your JOY with Ro

This is a 30-45 minute Low Impact Dance Aerobics Class set to Classic Disco, Rock and R&B.

We will move, dance, stretch, tone and firm while enjoying ourselves and the music. It is designed to gently yet firmly increase our cardiovascular strength, tone our muscles, increase our flexibility and suppleness and generally increase our overall health and wellbeing.

Each class will have low impact dance movements, stretch-yoga asanas and breathwork as well as a meditation to end our session. I will read an inspirational passage, quote and/or pull and Angel card for our daily message, making this a truly Body, Mind, Soul workout and connection.

Everyone will work at their own pace, ability and mindful of their limits. Everyone will work intuitively and with their innate body wisdom to make this the most enjoyable experience. All egos will be left at the door Emoji.

The Goals–
To feel good and more connected with our core SELF
To feel Energized, Grounded and Clear
To Enjoy our bodies.

This is for anyone, anywhere. It is specially designed and accommodates those that are 50+

I am so excited for this. I Hope you can join me!!!

Tuesdays 9:00-9:45 am

Pre Registration Required

In Person: 300 Park Ave Rutherford NJ 07070 (space limited – 20 people max- sign up early)

By Zoom

Recording Only


It’s me Ro
Author of Speaking From Spirit
Most of you know me as a Medium Ro, the Spiritual Teacher-Advisor- Presenter but some of you will remember that my roots in this life began as a Dancer.  I was classically trained in all forms of dance since the age of 10 and even started as a Dance Major in my alma mater, Montclair State University.  When I was just 19 years old, I toured with a dance company called The Tommy Finnan Dance Company and went to Portugal and Japan for 10 months.  When I returned, I decided that life wasn’t for me and decided to pursue a career in fitness. It was the early 80’s and health and fitness centers were up and coming.  I was in on the ground floor of an emerging industry.  At that time there was not much training required but Montclair State offered a Major under the Physical Education Dept, called Adult/Corporate Fitness (now called Exercise Science).  So, I returned to MSU, switched majors and got my degree in Exercise Science. I had a very lucrative career as a fitness trainer/ group exercise teacher.  I worked in very prestigious and upscale private studios in New York City.  One was called Body Design by Gilda. For many years, I did A LOT of LOW IMPACT DANCE AEROBICS.  I taught in over 100 fitness centers, clubs, studios, corporate fitness centers and with private clients for many many years.  In 1995 I hurt my back. This forced me to focus more on Yoga out of necessity due to the injury. Yoga was just becoming a “thing” in this part of the world. And once again, I was in on the ground floor of an emerging industry. I often refer to this experience as my Soul Redirect– where destiny called, and I was redirected into it.  In 1999, I opened a Yoga Studio in Lyndhurst NJ. I owned that studio from 1999 to 2010.  I often refer to this time as the years Spirit Home Schooled me as this is where all of my psychic/mediumistic/intuitive abilities “Woke Up” and where all the right teachers, books, support and information came to me to show me exactly who I was, what I was capable of and what I was meant to do.   And now…. I come full circle.  I come back to my roots and incorporate the physical with the spiritual.  I come back to dance, movement, the body and the Soul.  More important, I come back to the JOY and the FUN of being in the body… being alive.  I feel like I am revisiting my youth with this class.  It is my passion project!!!  
I hope you can join me- I want you to join me.  Together will move, laugh, enjoy and DANCE!!!!
Oh….. No Dance experience or expertise is required– just your body and willingness to have fun. 
******Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program. ******
—-Wear loose comfortable exercise wear. Suggestion…. wear something that makes you feel good, or even sexy!!  
—-Bring some water
—-Sneakers, Dance Sneakers, Jazz Shoes, Character Dance Shoes, Bare feet all acceptable. 
—-Bring a Yoga Mat.  Other props like blocks, yoga straps, bolsters, chairs are provided by the studio.
—-Arrive about 10 minutes before to get your spot (in person only 20 max)
—-Parking is on the street, not in the lot
—-If by zoom, set up your space so you can move and see the video. Streaming on the TV is great.
—-If you receive the recording, stream it on your TV for a bigger image and better experience. 
Terms and Policy
—-Pre Registration required for all classes
—-There are no refunds for any class
—-For no shows in person or Zoom- recording will be sent
—-For Cancellations for in person or Zoom– credit will be given towards next class

—-Waitlist for In person class. 

In person classes are limited to 20 people. If you cannot sign up for an in-person class, I can add you to a wait list.  Fill out the form below and I will receive the information and let you know by text if a space comes available.  First come

    *******Disclaimer–It is suggested you get approval from your physician before starting or joining any fitness program. Everyone works at their own pace and ability.*****

    “Basic 1st level SELF ESTEEM begins with feeling good in the body.  When we feel good, we project that in our vibration.  When we feel good, we look good.  When we look good, we feel more confident.  When we feel more confident, we feel empowered.  When we feel empowered with feel in control of our Lives and Destiny.”  Ro