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And here is your November 2019 Energy Alert


November 2019 is all about change.  Since most of this month will be during a Mercury in Retrograde time, some of the changes that happen may be unexpected. All change, whether planned, anticipated or unexpected, requires an adjustment period… a settling in to the new norm period.  For instance, we have a time change the first weekend of November.  There will be an adjustment phase to that.  If you are starting a new job, there is an adjustment/acclimation phase for that. If you are ending a relationship, there is adjustment period for that as well.  You get the idea.  The 3 global energy will give us the power, permission and inspiration to express our feelings and not keep things bottled up inside.  We need to do this when there is change but often don’t or don’t have the words– this month of change will be different in that we may find ourselves being more expressive and more emotive than usual.


We always start November with the veil between worlds being thin. That first week is super charged for visits and conversations with our loved ones and guardian angels in spirit. It is a great time to receive inspirations from Divinity and higher consciousness.  It is a time where our own sensitivity to all that is unseen is dramatically increased.  Pay attention to what is showing up at this time and KNOW you are always guided and protected.


This Mercury Retrograde phase is a time for a deep dive and excavation into our subconscious.  Things will surface and come to light.  There will be transformations happening right in front of our eyes.  Remember the higher mind-higher consciousness-soul consciousness resides in the subconscious too so what may be surfacing is higher and greater awareness and insight that is tremendously healing, empowering and shifting.  If there is junk in that there basement, that will come up too to be witnessed, heard, healed, released and transformed.  It is a very powerful time that will result in great change.  You may very well look back at this month as the time your whole life changed and you didn’t even realize the magnitude until you were living in a completely different way.


Mercury Retrograde is a time to revisit, rehash, review, redo.  People, feelings, situations from the past may resurface so that we may re-write the story around them.  It is a great time for do overs– meaning to re do a situation/experience again but with a different often higher perspective and a better, more peaceful outcome.  It is great time to rewrite a history but with deeper insight instead of pain and different outcome.  It is an even better time to take something painful from the past and re-purpose it into something helpful… kind of like what Cameron Douglas is doing with his new book Long Way Home.  This Mercury Retrograde will create deep and lasting changes for our greater good.  Remember that if your plans change or things get reworked in some way, this is for your advantage– do not go into frustration or despair.  The mantra would be “it’s all good.”  It always amazes me that I often pre plan a Past Life Group Regression session in a Mercury Retrograde time…  and this month is no exception.  I will be holding this group event in Lyndhurst NJ on 11/22– go to my website www.rorubcap.com to register is you are interested in coming.


The end of November, we here in the U.S will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  It is a great time to review all that we are grateful for and to count our blessings.


We are winding down this “3” global year of self-expression, speaking our truth, living our truth and owning our feelings.  Where have you reclaimed your joy, dealt with your feelings, felt optimistic, found new hope and inspiration?  How have you used your voice? Where have you allowed yourself to express and live your truth? What has healed that allows you now to live with more freedom and joy.  These are the things this year has helped us to understand, reclaim and express.  I will be doing an Online Webinar on Reflections from 2019 on December 16th and a “What’s in Store for 2020-  a 4 global year” on January 6th.   More details on how to join in on these will be sent in my weekly emails so if you are not on my email list you might want to join.


The Angel Card/Message I have pulled for this month comes from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue-–YOU CAN DO IT—ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.  This card reminds us we have what it takes to fulfill our dreams and life purpose.


The holidays are here, the end of this 2019 year is just around the corner and a new year is about to begin.  How quickly the time went.  It’s time to take stock of where we are at and decide if we want to keep going in the same direction or redirect our attention, focus and energy.  This is our homework for this month. Let me know if I can help.

So for now

It’s me Ro

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