It’s me Ro

And here is your April 2020 Energy Alert


Let me start by saying, I hope everyone is safe and healthy– because that over everything else is the most important thing.  


We are in a “8” month in a “4” global year.  Never could I have imagined when I wrote about the 4 global year ahead that it was going to play out like this.  I looked back at my January 2020 energy alert and here was the very first paragraph—-Here we are in January 2020 and the start of a new decade.  The energy right from the beginning will be intense as we have 2 eclipses–12/26 and 1/10/20—-  Lots of things may change this month. Some changes seeming to come out the blue and maybe completely unexpected.  For some it may feel like your whole world just blew up. Like the Goddess Kali Ma just stopped by for a visit. Even if these changes may seem unsettling, they are actually setting us up for a new branch of our destiny and for a new potential to be fulfilled.

Never truer words were written and little did I know what they meant.  The first heads up about this virus to the rest of the world began in January.  It is where it was first recognized that a pandemic as big and serious as this was reported to world leaders.  


Again– excerpted from January 2020—2020 is a 4 global year and the four resonates with planning, managing, structure, security, practical, systemic and careful.  It is a year to really focus on your health and your body.  We will feel a need to get things in order– even the most, or especially the most, disorganized of us.  There will be a focus on getting “earth settled” and what I mean is… landing a good secure job or creating stability and structure if you are self-employed.  Also, emphasis on saving/investing for the future, creating financial security whether through income building or investing, buying a home, settling down, having a family, getting insurance.  On the spiritual end, the focus will be on knowing your own mind and self, becoming more self-aware, grounding to your beliefs, increasing your connection to Divinity, buckling down and studying higher concepts and moving more into higher consciousness.  If your life has been egocentric and is filled with chaos, struggles, pain and drama, this is the year to really sort it all out and make an action plan to move beyond it all.  You may be working the 4 energy by going back into the roots of your life, the family and ancestral dynamics, old traumas and childhood issues.  It is a great year for psychotherapy!!  There will be great opportunity to get to the root of the problems so to speak.  I already see this as being the core of my work this year– regression work.  While this year may feel like hard work at times, it will all be worth it as it will set the foundation of our future– of life being easy.  It is a year of responsibility.  Taking responsibility for our life– our choices, our actions, our words and for all we have experienced and created- intentionally or unintentionally.  It is a year to take things step by step– and not to skip steps or jump ahead.  Everything will need to be done methodically and in order. Even if you are studying holistic healing, there will be practical steps and an order to your learning and practice.

This year is a year to make sure things are secure so be assured if there are any cracks in our foundations– the foundations of our relationships, job/career choices, health, savings or income earning, collaborations, literally our home… it will all be brought to light.  The decisions we make now, the actions we take now will have lasting repercussions.  If our spirit is making the decisions, we will be set up for stability and security.  If it is our ego– good luck. Wow– are we ever working this “4”. Now more than ever I understand the scope and impact of these words and how it is so important to be grounded to our Spirit  and to hear, listen and act upon our intuitive guidance.  The body, the home, safety, security, structure, organization– all resonance of the 4 energy.  
We enter April– an 8 month full of power and promise.  The 8 resonates with Power/mastery, Money/materialism, Success/abundance, The Boss/authority, Visions, Organizations, Recognition, Achievement. 

So the first thing I am going to ask is for everyone to examine where are you holding, losing or giving away your power.  Are you grounding to and trusting your instinctual guidance?  Or are you going with “they say…”  Are your choices supporting your safety, structure, future or are they compromising these out of a sense of indifference,  fear or perceived necessity? Are you giving power to your fears and lower mind or are you redirecting into higher consciousness?  Are you growing and adapting through this situation or are you resisting, insisting, not compromising?  In a time where we may feel such a loss of power and freedom, where are you finding power and freedom?  How is this situation empowering you at this moment?  Are you able to empower others? Most importantly — where do you need to take your power back?  

The heart of the “8” energy is strength, power and vision.  The higher principles of integrity, honor and authenticity will be necessary for true strength, power and vision. In other words, we will learn how to use our power wisely.  If they are not present it will be obvious and false power, strength and vision will have no energetic support behind them.

A global community effort of good organization,strategy and cooperation will be key for all of us to maneuver through this world crisis. It is what has always been needed in life but now it is essential.  The “4” energy– about organization– will especially be focused around creating a deeper level of stability for the body, the home and finances. The”8″ energy of this month will support us to take the reigns and use our personal power to create a more authentic, true form of security, stability and support for our lives and our world.  Shortcuts will not work this month– the integrity of the 8 energy will not allow it.  

Some things this 8 month will teach us…

Who or what holds power over us?  Gonna be glaringly obvious this month and give us a chance to take it back

We will learn how to stay financially solvent, fluid and prosperous in a ways that doesn’t compromise our Soul. We may learn that money doesn’t just come from what we do but from the state of mind we hold around money. Basically- do we hold an unconscious prosperity or poverty consciousness? We allow ourselves to have what we think we deserve on a deep unconscious level and this is directly related to our esteem.  This is the foundation of how we all experience and create our money reality and this is shifting for the entire globe and healing many ancestral wounds.

We will learn how to manage our energy better.

We — even the most unaware- will recognize higher and lower vibrations

And-the systems being learned now will ensure future safety, stability, security and support for all in every area of life.  New protocols will be implemented around the world — as a global community- as to how make this planet more safe and secure for our future.  Earth is our foremost home.  If Earth is sick we are all sick.

This month we can examine what gift this pandemic has given us?  And how Spirit set us up personally to be ready for this experience.  We may get to really understand how we have been guided and protected all along.

We will all be given many opportunities to find our true power, to step into our power and how to always feel empowered and how to let go of false power — as in power over someone, or something.

We all have psychic and intuitive abilities– they have been kicked up and we are noticing them.  We are being given the opportunity to reclaim the power of these abilities within us also.

Lastly– there will be a called to Leadership. Some people have a natural born Leader archetype.  It will be activated this month big time.  Trust that you are guided– trust that you have Spiritual support and are built for this.  Call in the ascended Master Moses to help you in this destiny.

I pulled a few cards for this month– please see the VLOG  on the home page of this website.

May is a “9” month of completion, and June a “1” month of new beginnings.  I am hoping this is an indication of us moving past this global crisis and starting a new way of living.  Next year 2021 is a “5” global year of change and I suspect we will all be living in a completely different and upgraded reality- one that we can’t even imagine yet. One that is an answer to all of our collective prayers,  This is for ALL of us– the whole GLOBE.

For right now, I just want to say I am thinking of you and I am holding in my heart with the knowing we are all loved, guided and protected- now and always.

It’s me


Wishing you peace