We start this month with Mercury in Retrograde.  As of the 6th, it goes direct but we will still feel the lingering effects until around the 20th or so.  Let this be a time where you RE member how DIVINE YOU ARE.  If fact… here is what the collective Guardian Angels would have us know….

They ask us to remember the Joy we embody as our Divine self.  You may recall that I often say.. we are JOY in a body…. that when we were born, we were pure Joy and to remember that we are always that, even now and even when we are not acting, thinking or owning that we are pure essence of joy and love in a body.  More importantly, they ask us to remember that EVERYONE is JOY in a body… not just us, or the ones that act nobly… EVERYONE…even the worst of the worst.  It is of utmost importance that we remember this now as this is a major game changer for this planet  The Angels say that remembering someone is Divinity- especially when they are acting other than Divine, is a transformative healing and shift for both the one remembering and the one being remembered.  So this is important to do, extremely important. When someone is lost or worse, disconnected from SELF, they create destruction in their life as well as for others. It may be very challenging to remember and hold this space for those that have wronged us or for those that we loathe but again, the Angels emphatically remind us that we are ALL DIVINE and JOY in a body.  This does not absolve the person of any wrongdoing– oh no, in fact just the opposite.  It wakes them up.  Their Soul knows it has been seen and acknowledged beyond the illusion.  It can begin the journey back into Soul Power.  You literally break someone’s spell.  Remembering who someone really is, shifts them from Egoic self to Soul Self…  and it will cast out darkness and evil as light and dark cannot occupy the same space.  Remembering allows them to return to Soul. Wouldn’t you want someone to do this for you?  Don’t we all want others to see the goodness in us?  Sometimes we need someone to do this for us until we can do it for ourselves.

Our Angels remind us that we all “ask”  and wait for peace– in our own minds and hearts and on our Earth.  But they tell us we can have peace all the time, whenever we want…. that it is accessible to us all the time in any moment.  We simply have to choose it- individually and collectively- in every situation, in every moment of every day…. that when we remember who we truly are and when we remember who everyone else is truly, living in peace will not only be easy, it will be the only way we live.

This month, the month of the Winter Solstice and the return of Light, we have an opportunity to RE -turn to our own Divine Nature and Awaken the Divine Nature of others.  Start with your own life and history- RE-view and see who you need to “see” in a different light– including your past self.  Then look to the outer world (the news will give you great opportunity for this) and “see” those who present an illusion and help to break the spell.  Telepathically remind them– “this is not who you are, you are Divinity, Joy and Love in a body.”  December 2018 is a “5” month in a “2” global year– a month for dramatic and unexpected change. “2” represents partnership, teamwork, group effort and the Divine Feminine and Intuition.  Will you join me and all of the Angels in partnership as we RE-create magical, mystical, healing changes in this world?  Are you in?

The Angel Card I pulled for this month is from the KUAN YIN ORACLE by Alana Fairchild and her message to all of us is….SOUND THE FIERCE FLUTE–

This card is about hearing, listening, following our intuition– listening to the higher mind and discerning between higher, human and lower thoughts and vibrations.  It is about the power of choice- which we achieve by being aware of Self.   This message reminds us that we can grow and learn through joy and adventure rather than fear or suffering.

Decide– right now– to live in ease, peace, joy, love and abundance in every area of  your life, in every moment of every day.  Decide this now.  I hold the space for you.  And SO IT IS!

We have  30 days until 2019, a “3” global year of Self Expression, Joy, Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, Optimism and Speaking and Living our Truth.  Isn’t it about time that we all express our Divine Nature into this world instead of our little ego, painbody self?  The Angels say, we can help bring that about for everyone by doing it in our own life.

In the spirit of this season, the season of generosity, I extend to you a gift to join me in closing out 2018 with my end of the year webinar “Reflections on 2018, a “2” global year of partnerships, teamwork and group effort.  The webinar will be on Friday 12/28/18 at 7:00pm EST.  Here is the link to join me on zoom.us—–

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I  will expand more about navigating the month of December in my weekly Monday emails.  So for now that’s it.  I wish you the most joyous and peace filled Holiday Season, for you and your whole tribe.

It’s me Ro
Wishing you