Building Your Spirit Teams (02/24/15)

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Many of you have taken this class with me in person. It is surely one I will repeat over and over again, in person and on webinar, as it is one of the most powerful tools we can use to take our life from ordinary to extraordinary. In case you are unfamiliar with this class, I will teach you how to call upon, command really, Heaven and all of those in Heaven to assist, guide and create with you here on Earth.

Here is a description of this class and what we will be working on….
Do you feel connected to Spirit?
Do you actively call on Spirit support to help you in your day to day life?
What if you could access Spiritual support and the creative force of Heaven in a tangible, practical and authoritive way?

In this workshop/ meditation we will call upon and enlist all of Heaven to help us with all the things we experience in physical form. We will call on and build our Spiritual teams for health and wellness, for financial support and structure, and call in the relationship specialists and even the ones for career guidance and direction. Just as there are people with special gifts and skills on Earth that can assist us- Heaven is filled with such guides, teachers, helpers and angels that have specialties too. Come meet YOUR teams, build the teams and work with the behind the scenes helpers that work with you.