Manifesting your Power (01/17/15)

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2015 is an “8” Global Year– a year of power, business, money and manifestion. It is a year we focus on the external– and hopefully, as we have worked our 2014 “7” internal spiritual year, the internal and external will match and line up.

This year, the Soul is in charge and what that means is… when the Soul takes the reins we live our destiny instead of dealing with our fate.

The Soul seeks peace, contentment, safety, security, love and joy in all areas of our life– health, finances, relationships and work — and knows EXACTLY how to create these things efficiently, effectively and perfectly beyond what we can imagine.

Learn exactly how to maximize the energetic support that the 8 year brings and use your personal numerology to bring your life to a whole new level of fulfillment.

It is time to create the life you want in all areas, not just some– to live your dreams and desires and to bring your Spirit fully present into this world.

We will focus on….
* Discussion of your personal number year for 2015 and what a “8” global year (2+0+1+5) means for you

* Discussion of growth from 2014—and assessment of Spiritual Strength and Development.

* How to work with your Spirit Teams in greater depth.

* 2015 Soul Plan of Action–What are the best actions for you to take this year–what not to do and what to avoid

* Why it will be important to develop and work with our own psychic/intuitive senses and spiritual practices more than ever.

All of this will be supported with a few guided meditations, visualizations and affirmations personally designed to support your intentions and boost your power this year.

Join me and start the New Year right– Live your life on purpose, step aside and let your soul take the reigns and take control of the areas of your life that feel out of control or beyond your ability to change. Live energetically aligned and aware so that your destiny can unfold.