Reflections on 2014 – Acknowledging our Spiritual Growth from this year (12/30/14)

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2014 was a year of deep spiritual growth for all of us individually and collectively.

This was a time to come to our “self” and find our truth, to discover our inner wisdom and to claim our power.

It was a time to find our way in the world by going within and finding our inner guidance.

It was a year that tested our faith and trust– in our selves, in our beliefs, in our source and in humanity in general.

In this evening’s event we will reflect back to January 2014 and the progression we have made each month toward our inner and outer journey.

As we acknowledge, see, and own our growth, we can then fully prepare to step into 2015 and get ready for all the gifts it will bring.

Who is ready to live life on purpose and not on default!

Some of the things we will focus on ….

Why is 2014 a year of the Spirit and what does that mean?

Where are you on your Soul’s journey and why is this important to know?

What spiritual practices have you implemented this year and why is this important?

We will take a look back to Jan 2014 and where we started this year– mentally, physically, emotionally, situationally…

We will discover where the progression had led us, and we will bring to light what we know now, because of all this, will help us to make sense of where we were and all we went through.

We will look at what major changes have occurred in our lives, internally and externally.

I will help you see what part of you has shown up to manage, handle, respond or react to these changes.

This will help you to understand when your Spirit is in charge and when your little ego has shown up.

We will find out what has been created from your Soul this year.

It could be a new direction in your life, a challenge that was necessary, a meaningful relationship or partnership, a new way of seeing, dealing, handling things, a deeper self love, a voice. Whatever has been created will have been a culmination of all your great internal work these past 7 years.

It will also be very interesting to reveal what you have created from your ego and how your Soul used this for and turned it into purpose.

I will ask the questions: What has shown up for you in the past 3 months (Oct, Nov, Dec) and I will help you realize what it all means for you in 2015

We will finish with a guided mediation that will help us reclaim any energy or any piece of our spirit left behind and well as empower our spirit to take us further on our evolutionary journey.

Please have a notebook handy to record any insights, epiphanies or messages you receive during this presentation.

I am honored to be a part of your life. Please realize that everyone does not soul search. Everyone is not on a quest of self exploration and realization to work toward the collective good. You are unique viagra generika online bestellen schweiz.

While it does not make any of us better than anyone else, it does make those of you who are on a road of self discovery a different sort of person of whom I feel blessed to be among.