Understanding Healing- What is my Illness trying to tell me?  Free Library Event--TBA


7:00 pm


Roseland Public Library
20 Roseland Ave, Roseland, NJ , 07068

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Understanding Healing- What is my Illness trying to tell me?   Free Library Event—TBA
Tuesday 4/17/24 7PM
Roseland Public Library
 20 Roseland Ave. Roseland NJ 07068
Contact: 973-226-8636


What is true healing? How can we help our bodies heal from illness and injury? How can we transcend
and/or transform issues (mental-emotional-physical), repetitive patterns, addictions, habits etc…There are
thousands of books on this. Many modalities, techniques tinctures, mixtures, pharmaceuticals and protocols both allopathic and alternative yet none comprehensive enough to cover this most sought after (googled) topic. Most seem to manage a symptom. In new age circles the practice of “channeling energy- channeling healing” is popular but yet what
exactly does that do? When is that needed and appropriate? And when is it not? It falls short just like most of the others. So what is missing? Maybe we have been asking the wrong questions or trying to fight against what is happening instead of understanding why it showed up in the first place.  True healing must happen on the most basic energetic level. It must be comprehensive and deal with not only the mental-physical- emotional self, it must activate the
soul/spiritual power. It must address every direction of time (past-present-future) and invoke Source power-Prana- Life Force Energy. It must look at the empathic, multi sensory piece of ourself. It must address the ancestral, cultural, geographical, biological, familial wounds and patterns and collective conscious wounds and patterns. It must
look at the environmental factors, soul contract, birth traumas and all other cultural/ancestral/life traumas.
We must examine the collective conscious beliefs about what is possible in healing and think beyond them and transcend them. It requires an openness, a vulnerability, a tenacity to address all these levels and a willingness to address each system… much like running a scan on your computer to clear and release viruses and malware. The only one who can do this, is the individual seeking to heal. When we understand healing on this level- the right team will align to support this. This class is for anyone who would like to understand healing on a more dynamic and comprehensive
level. It is for practitioners of any kind,  alternative and allopathic that want to further understand, multi levels of healing and how to be an effective, conduit of healing. It is simply for those who are drawn to this subject.


Some things we will discuss and practice


-What is a Dark Night of the Soul
–Understanding what the illness is trying to tell you and teach you
–Emotions in the body.  
-All illness/crisis an opportunity —
-All Illness/Crisis a dark night of the soul
-All illness is calling for something to be transformed
-The perfect storm that creates illness
-The body’s ability to heal and restore and resurrect
-Instantaneous healing
-The role of Heredity Familial Genetics
-How the body gives messages and clues—decoding
what the symptoms say
-Illness as a purpose/Destiny
-Illness and the Empath
-Illness and the Pain body-feeds the pain body
-Past life ties to Illness
-Shadow loyalty to Illness and what that means
-Ancestral wounding– Illness as one of the Ancestral
traumas or pain bodies
-Why people don’t heal
-Attachments to pain suffering struggle drama
chaos… Guilt shame resentment role in illness =ego
-Negative thoughts and their role in illness
-Acceptance of what is
_What can you really do to stay healthy and or to heal.