February 2019 will be an interesting month.  There could be some unexpected changes, unexpected events, unexpected news and unexpected good fortune.  Now- don’t get nervous.  Unexpected does not necessarily mean bad– it just means you might not have seen this coming.  In the end it is all good anyway.  Some good mantras  to use  now are– “I am open to all the good the Universe wants to bring  to me in expected and unexpected ways,” “I am open to receive”…… And “Angels/Spirit/My Spirit— make me ready for the good the Universe brings to me now”…..
Maybe your lover is planning a surprise trip.  Maybe your boss is going to discuss you working from home from now on.  Maybe you receive income/money from some unexpected source or find out that the vintage ukulele your Uncle gave you is worth millions.  Maybe your find out you’re going to be a parent or grandparent…. the time is right for instant unexpected manifestation.  Embrace this.  Not everything is intended, not everything is created through focused attention, but all is simply a vibrational match and often right timing.  

Now say the unexpected is something that does not immediately seem so good or pleasant… ya know, one of those events that seem terrible but in hindsight you see was a blessing in disguise.  In case you come up against this type of change this month repeat loudly and firmly…. “I know all is in Divine Right Order, I know I am always Guided and Protected, I know everything is working out for my Highest Good always, I know everything is working out in Divine Right Timing”  and there, you will spiritually ground and come to your peace, allowing all to fall into place and all to be revealed.  Check out this quote I found on Instagram from Awakening People–https://www.instagram.com/p/BtGaD_wlhS6/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ba5e5xwqm0ru

Remember, that how we experience our life and experiences is from our perspective or perceptions.  These can come from our lower ego mind, our human mind or our Higher Soul mind….. it is our choice.  When we view our experiences from our higher perspective we automatically spiritually ground our SELF, we automatically move to PEACE (in mind, emotions and body).  In every situation we have that choice.  Most of us are unaware of that choice until we become aware of our SELF.  True, it is hard work to become SELF AWARE but  it is the most rewarding of anything we will ever do while in our body. Also, Spiritually Grounded is very different from being religious or from religion.  Spiritual and Religious are two very different things.  We can all become Spiritually Conscious and Grounded in any moment at any time.  When we choose to do so- life goes from suffering to joy,  from struggle to harmonious and fluid, from mundane to mystical. We become EMPOWERED and from there we can create, live, manifest and most of all enjoy whatever we are guided to do. It is truly that simple. 

The Angel Message for this month comes from the Healing With The Angels Cards by Doreen Virtue—Intention–“Your intentions create your experiences” An intention means that you have set a goal and intend to achieve it.  Now say you set an intention to be more prosperous or to find love– and the exact opposite happens.  Everything that comes after making said intention is in direct contrast to that intention– it means there is a counter program in your subconscious mind that is creating that reality.  It means there is a thought/belief/emotion/programing that is in the subconscious that you are completely unaware of that has it’s own agenda and will block your conscious intentions and create, manifest, attract more of what you don’t want.  Own that.  The good news is once you get in touch with that piece and release- heal- transform- transcend it, it will stop having the power to create and your conscious choices will manifest easier and quicker.  Let us all set the INTENTION to become more SELF AWARE this month of February as this is a life changing and empowering gift. 

The second card I pulled came from The Law Of Attraction Cards—“I use the law of Creation deliberately”– sorta repeats what the first card said.  The law of creation has 2 parts– the desire for the creation and the allowing of the creation.  What you are thinking about manifests.  So again, if you are consciously thinking of one desire but you subconsciously believe something else, your subconscious will win   Also– and this is very important– if you are CONSCIOUSLY focused on not having prosperity or love, then you are creating both consciously and unconsciously exactly what you don’t want. UGGG… I am going to pull a Wayne Dyer now- you have to believe it before you see it.  In other words, even though your reality is not showing you prosperity or love, you have to BELIEVE it is there and you are not seeing it – yet.  Override the reality you are currently in with your intentions– consciously and unconsciously- and watch it appear. I can help you weed the subconscious and find out what sub programing is creating what you don’t want.  You would need to book a Healing-Energetic Session with me and we will do a regression to find the root cause.  Here is the link to book this—https://rosemarierubinetticappiello.com/balancing-reading/

So again, the Universe is setting us up energetically for good positive change.  Our Soul is seeking more power and  control over our thinking mind and the reality we create and live.  This is all a good thing.  Set the intention to cooperate with your Soul and the Universe and then it will be the easy way, not the hard way.  I am in for this!!!
It is me Ro
Wishing you—PEACE