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And here is your February 2020 Energy Alert
February 2020 will be all about our relationships and our love and commitments. It is a great month to meet a new partner.  Love is in the air and it isn’t just because Valentine’s Day falls in this month. Already committed?   Well then there may be a spike in passion this month within your already existing love relationship.  It would be a good time to take a romantic getaway. It is a month to “feel the love” so to speak….. The love we have for others and the love we receive from others.  It is also a time to evaluate the level of self love we  have and show to self and to improve on that if it has been lacking or non existent.  With that said– All relationships will be up for review.  It is a good month to both seek comfort and emotional support and to give comfort and support. 
Healthy balance in all relationships will be a big theme this month.  So we will evaluate our relationship to food, work, money etc, as well as with other people.  Healthy balance– where we give and receive equally and appropriately, where we feel supported and nurtured through the relationship, where there is good communication, understanding and boundaries…. basically when our spirit is in charge of how we relate as opposed to our little ego filled with fear, doubts, insecurities and control issues– this is what we will strive for this month.  As we evaluate our current relationships we will seek to bring them all into better balance, better structure and with a greater foundation to grow and thrive. We will check in and evaluate…are our relationships healthy? Unhealthy?  Toxic? Are we getting what we need?  Are we willing to be present and committed?  Are we being a good partner– a healthy partner?  It will be a time of separating the wheat from the chaff so if some relationships don’t belong or are unhealthy, they will either be renegotiated or they will go.  Remember Self Love and Self care are big themes this year and one of the ways of expressing good self love is to remove what is no longer working or is even toxic.
There will be great focus on our home and hearth– the environment that should be our sanctuary.  We will seek to create comfort and security here and  to make it feel cozy, safe and secure.  There may be a need to upgrade aesthetically our home.  It is a good time to buy a home, upgrade your home, create a home…. nest.  It is a great month to start a family!!!  We will want to stay home, be with our families/tribes (even the non blood kind), spruce up the home and more important – enjoy our homes.  The 4 energy will have us doing home repairs especially if something is threatening the future safety, security  and or value of our home (literally as in structurally and figuratively as in emotional issues, interlopers etc) so it will be a great month if you are in the home repair, home selling or mortgage industries.  We will feel a need to get things done or  at least start the process of  buying, selling, renovating. 
We will be drawn to connect to and deal with the family…. the family of origin particularly but also the families we make. If one is having issues, all may be called to come together in duty to the family and for support.  We may be on the receiving end of that too.  If there are cracks to the foundation of the family they will become obvious and call for attention.  If the family unit is strong, it will be a time to really enjoy some “family time”… not so much in going out or doing social events but more so at home with those you love simply enjoying each others company.  
If there are issues or wounds that date through the ancestral lines, they will be obvious this month and next.  Even the most dense and unaware will see the cyclical patterns that permeate and repeat through family lines and time dimensions and this will continue through April.  The opportunity for great healing and shift of these ancestral patterns will be present all year long.   
I kick off my library talks this month on Thursday 2/20/20 at Roseland NJ public library.  I will be talking about creating the life you want and how to get yourself out of the way!!  I have 22 library events scheduled this year and they are all FREE!!!! For the complete list go to my website www.speakingfromspirit.com.  I do hope I get to see you at one or more.  
See the video recording to learn the Angel Card for this Month. 
So that’s it for now.  I hope you have a wonderful, powerful, love filled February.  
It’s me 
Wishing you