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Welcome 2019

Let’s start with the energy of 2019– a “3” global year (2+0+1+9=12—–1+2=3).  A 3 year is a year of creative ideas, speaking your truth, living your truth, expressing yourself and coming to and honoring your emotions . It is a time where the emotional bill comes due– where we say what’s in our heart and maybe even express this creatively (think of an Adele song) to the world.  It is often a social, fun and joyful year. It is a year to keep a journal– especially a dream journal and to have heart to heart discussions.  It can be a year to seek psychotherapy to process old emotions or come to understand your emotional nature in a more mature way. It’s a great year to release PTSD if you have it. If you have been planning to write or publish a book, this year is where the energy is there to not only support it but push you to follow through.  Remember you have a personal numerology year as well- 3 is the global year, meaning the whole world will be feeling the effects of this 3 energy.  You can determine your personal year by adding your birth month and date to the number 3– (for this year’s numerology). So for instance my birthday  March 2nd is 3+2+3=8.  I am in a personal 8 year in a 3 global year. Make sure you add your numbers to a single digit 1-9.   I can expect a busy year that is all business and where I receive reward, respect and recognition  for my efforts (in all areas of my life) over the past 7 years and where I feel more authentic and able to fully express who I am in this world in a more powerful and empowered way.  It would be an awesome year for me to birth a new book (wink

maybe).  The 8 resonates with personal power and financial power. It will be a great year to live fully and authentically my own personal financial truth– whatever that may be. If I have been frivolous, careless or wasted energy in the use of my power, finances, word or emotions, that bill will need to be paid this year.   It may be a year where I take back my power if I have given it away– and the 3 will give that expression.   To understand your year  and how to work with the energy of 2019 more fully you can order a Numerology Report from my website or join me for Super Soul Sunday on January 20th. This class is in New Jersey.   See my website for more information. 

So how do we start this 3 expressive year?  What is January all about?  Well January  starts with us hitting the bricks. Even though we are in the season of winter- in this northern hemisphere- and winter tends to make us pull in and be reflective, inert and quiet- this month of January is anything but.  It is a month of accomplishment and movement towards goals.  So if you plan on moving this year,  this month you may find yourself  researching  realtors, getting the house ready to sell,  cleaning out the closets and getting rid of what you don’t need as well as finding a new place to live that is more in alignment with who and what you are now.  If you have your focus on health, you may have aligned with the right trainers, doctors, nutritional counselors in 2018  ( a 2 year of partnerships) and may start to see and live the results of your efforts in 2019.  A new body shape, image and  presentation, an upgraded and more authentic version of who you truly are may be your new self expression this year. January may be where you need to further upgrade your wardrobe and look to match the new you.  You may be planning life after graduation so researching jobs in your field and planning a course of action, making right connections and updating your resume to more accurately describe YOU would be actions now that are setting you up for the May graduation time…. and believe me, there will be plenty of emotions around all of that.  If retirement is your goal, then the research into timing, what is needed, and how you can make this happen will begin this month. A good consult with your accountant will let you know where and when you may make this dream a reality.  This first month of the year will be a foundational time to get the ball rolling towards your authentic self and self expression.  There will be tons of help and support from the unseen world- from your angels- that will assist you whether you notice, believe or utilize their help or not.  It will show up as opportunities, synchronicity, right connections and guidance.  There will closed doors and unproductive outcomes where you are NOT supposed to go.  Take these in stride and know this was not your path and your are being guided away from what is not authentic for you.  There will be green lights, support and fluidity where you are supposed to go.

In a three year our Soul Self seeks expression. It seeks to live to its fullest and best life.  We often develop a stronger connection to our intuitive voice in a two year (this past year 2018).  With that stronger connection, we can be guided to our purpose, passions and destiny.  This month we will be taking actions on that guidance and moving forward to the next creation of our most authentic life. But…. keep in mind…. if you have ignored the directions of your Soul, if you have continued to allow your small ego self to run the show, if you have denied what you are hearing or knowing as guidance, this is going to be one hell of an emotional roller coaster of a year…. and the area of most obvious discord will reflect in your personal year number.  I am sure those reading this are not the ones I am speaking about here. 

So this month, January, what is your Soul longing to experience, manifest and create?  In your body/health/physical life/surroundings/home/possessions?  In your relationships?  In your work/career/vocation-calling?  In your money- finances?  What are some short term goals towards this?  Long term goals?  What are you being guided to do right now?  Best get out of  Souls way and let it do its thing or there is going to be a lot of emotional upheaval this year. 

January, February and March are going to be working toward that joy, fun, freedom and  pleasure that the “3” seeks.  April, May and June may deal with anything within (unconscious) that is resistant to fun, joy and pleasure.  You know there are actually people who have an aversion to these– truth.  They feel guilty for experiencing fun, joy and pleasure.  From July on, let the fun, joy and pleasure in all areas of your life reign!!!!  This fall, you will will want to share and express your deepest self with others– you will want to share your truth! Let that shine- Let your SELF shine!
The Angel Card message for this year– 2019– is from  the  Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards– 3 is a goddess number— Isolt– Undying Love. She is a Celtic Goddess.  She helps us with all of our relationships and reminds us  we are always connected with unconditional love. She will help us remember all through this year that while emotions may be strong and make us human, the truth of us is Love- we are the essence and energy of love- not our emotional state. 

The Angel Card message for January 2019 —is from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards–MANIFESTATION–Your aspirations are within your reach.  Turn over any doubt to the creator- focus on the feeling of gratitude for having all that you desire as if it were here, as if you are already living it.  This is the month where thoughts turn into a tangible form.

So that’s the message for now.  Again, if you would like to work more with your own numerology join me on the 20th or join in on the January 7th webinar- What’s in Store for 2019.