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And here is your July and August Energy Alert for 2019

So July kicks off an eclipse cycle and also a Mercury in Retrograde.  If you receive my emails you know I have given you Soul research and introspective homework for this Mercury Retrograde cycle and I will be checking up on that!  If you attend any of my library presentations, you often hear me speak about Soul. Some of us get this as a concept– some of us really know what that means– and then there are those who LIVE from their Soul… and certainly that is what we should all strive for. So the homework I assigned– like a summer reading— is to read or reread Gary Zukav’s THE SEAT OF THE SOUL.  In the June 24th email alert, I included a youtube link to an Oprah Winfrey Soul Sessions interview with Mr Zukav. They revisit past interviews and this theme of Soul is explained in great clarity and ease in understanding.  If you haven’t watched it please do.  If you need me to resend the ink… email me ([email protected]). When we truly get this understanding of Soul, of who we truly are, we begin to live a very different life and create a very different world.

Back to July– a “1” global month in this “3” global year.  Although this is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts, the eclipse and retrograde cycles are going to call us inside to self awareness and introspection. You may notice that what is beginning now in your life are intentions or plans set into motion a while ago. You may have had to grow into these realities or get ready for them so to speak.  Some may be hard earned.  For some,  the potential for these outer life experiences and situations would only have occurred because you did your due diligence in clearing out old baggage,  healing old wounds, coming to own and claim your SELF and to a dedication to living authentically– living your truth. In other words- what you are currently experiencing, you had to be ready for.  I want you to own that YOU  have created whatever this is– YOU have manifested and attracted what is showing up now…. if your Soul has been doing the creating and I suspect if your reading this alert is has- you will not only be amazed by what is occurring but fulfilled beyond measure. If it has been your ego… well then the bill will be coming due for the crap show that you find yourself in. If the latter is occurring, this eclipse season and retrograde cycle are perfect as eclipses offer a reset energy and the retrograde will rehash all you have been avoiding or denying.  If it is the former– really look around at your life and own the Divine power within you with complete reverence and gratitude for all you have created. Revel in your ability to live your most authentic life.  Ideas for how to expand on what is occurring will also show up as inspirations, aha’s and revelations.  Plant the seeds for these expansions knowing full well they are in the works and part of your bigger picture.  Expect full support from the unseen world on manifesting all of your Soul Driven creations.


Total Solar Eclipse 7/2/19– NEW MOON

Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19—FULL MOON

Mercury in Retrograde 7/7/19 to 8/1/19

August will really trigger and open our intuitive voice and awareness. How could it not after studying and awakening our Soul Power and Awareness all these weeks, months even years. Our intuitive voice which is often subtle and sometimes undetectable will be out loud and proud and it will be demanding that we follow its guidance now more than ever.  We all have intuition, but how we experience it, how grounded and aware we are of it varies.  Well if you do your homework assignment in July, this “voice” will be much more prominent in your awareness.  Synchronicity, right timing, right action and right partners will all show up this month, moving us forward on our Soul Driven paths and creations.  FYI– if you are getting red lights, stop signs, no support, it means this is not what your Soul is intending to create and you are going in the wrong direction.  Heed the signs!!

July and August is now where we are now entering the second half of the this 3 global year.  The 3 energy will always call us to our emotional center and make us process/acknowledge/deal with our emotions, especially long held suppressed or past emotions. As we deal and process this old baggage, we release the energy. It will convert into pure energy to use towards creating, manifesting and attracting our destiny. We can uplift our vibration and see things through our Soul eyes and perspective.  We can free ourselves from past and often unconscious burdens and limits we didn’t even know we had and we can activate greater potential.   The first half of this year we were dealing with our emotions– acknowledging, coming to terms with them giving them a voice and expression.  Taking them out of the shadows and into the light so to speak.  We reclaimed a lot of power.  This in and of itself is incredibly freeing and uplifting.  It returns so much energy to us and brings us into personal power.

As we enter the second part of the year we get to experience all the freedom and joy of not carrying those burdens. We have excess energy to put towards the future life we create and live. Expect a lightness and upliftment as the rest of the year progresses. The fall will also be a more social and enjoyable time.

That is your summer forecast for now.  There will be a lot to discuss as we hit September and that last quarter of this 3 global year.

Until then

It is me Ro

Wishing you—–PEACE