It’s me Ro
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And here is your June 2020 Energy Alert
June is a “1” global month in a “4” global year.  New starts, new beginnings, new ideas and inspirations and new projects will be big themes this month.  It is a time to get the ball rolling and to set long and short term goals.  What completed last month that is creating a space for you (not to mention energy) for you to create something new?  What did you let go of in your thinking (especially in the subconscious mind) that allows for a new higher upgraded reality to express itself?  I know in the work we did in the May 21st Webinar, we cleared a lot of debris from the subconscious in regard to money/finances and our knowing of safety and security around money.  I know this cleared the way for a new money paradigm to form and for us to experience a new money reality– one that mirrors ease, peace, love, joy, and abundance.   I ask again-What had to go in May to create room for you to start something or to experience something new and better??
 Whatever was released… whether physically or internally… creates space for something new to be born and this month gets the ball rolling with that.  The time, energy, focus, determination and discipline will be there.  Remember what has Spirit (yours and Divine Spirit ) approval will have all green lights and will be smooth and fluid.  What does not come as a calling from your own spirit- will not have any support and in fact you may very well encounter major obstacles as your spirit tries to sabotage what you are not supposed to create or experience.  One is a destiny and one is a fate.  It is always best to trust and cooperate with your spirit and let go of attachments to how you think things should be or to how you want things to go (ego).  Spirit knows best so surrender and you will always get more and better than what you could imagine.  
We start June with 3 planets retrograde– Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.  Retrograde periods provide opportunities to teach and/or upgrade us into higher power in respect to what the planet represents and what particular archetypal pattern a planet holds.  In June we will deal with the lessons for these 3 planets.  We will learn them the easy way or the hard way– but learn them we will.
We are watching new beginnings play out on a global scale.  Here we are sort of re entering the world again but in new ways.  There are masks and rules and different structures and layouts to things.. much like after 9/11.  Are we still trying to go back to the old world/ old way of life as we knew it?  Or can we evolve and adjust to this new landscape and find a way to co-exist with unseen dangers?  Do we value what was, over what is?  Do we follow what we want even if it isn’t what we need or what is good for us?  Do we sacrifice one thing for another? These are Venus themes of what holds value to us- especially short and long term value- and support or negate how we value ourselves. Do we evaluate and proceed with caution or give way to our emotional climates and throw caution to the wind? (a Saturn in retrograde lesson that is currently upon us).  How do we ensure our own safety, security and stability for both body/health and finances? ( all themes of this “4” global year).  In the need to be free and to be able to do what we want, when we want to, are we expanding too soon (lessons from Jupiter retrograde). Can we intuitively expand our energy into whatever brings us peace of mind, body and spirit (“4” themes of grounded ness) and follow inner guidance instead of our will to create more of what we do want instead of more of what we don’t want (again Jupiter themes of expansion).   These are questions either your Soul or Ego will answer this month.   
Let’s define Destiny and Fate….
Destiny is guided by Soul.  It is the path you are born to live out.  Fate is created by Ego.  It is the consequences of the choices we make.  When we follow the path of our Spirit… life seems to fall into place and we live authentically.  When we make decisions from our will/egoic mind/limited mind, we often fate ourselves with unnecessary suffering, hardship or struggle.  We can follow our destiny while operating from our limited or fear based mind too.  In that case, we just make achieving our destiny harder or more of a struggle than it has to be.  
Destiny- that which you were born to live, do, be… Example– a tomato seed is destined to be a tomato plant not a cucumber plant… and in the right conditions it will grow into one without any struggle.  The difference between us humans and the seed is that as human, we make choices and sometimes those choice slow down, stop or mis-create our destiny… and those choices often are compelled from our unconscious fear based egoic thoughts or programmings.  We have heard it- change our thoughts change our reality/world… well now more than ever this concept is important…. except, it isn’t our conscious thoughts we need to change so much as what is hidden in our sub and unconscious.  Retrogrades and Eclipses (and those are coming in July) often bring what is hidden and in the subconscious to LIGHT.  
We sure are in interesting times…. and things are about to ramp up a bit. Venus in Retrograde is really stirring things up and make us evaluate our level of thinking, communicating (how we communicate and what is being communicated with us) and also what we value- how we are valued and what we think make us worthy or valuable.  Big Venus retrograde themes this month are….What do we value?  What do we think makes us valuable and why?  Who values us?  Why do we deserve goodness- do we deserve goodness- what makes one deserve goodness?  Do we feel worthy?  What do we base our self worth on?  The answers to most of the things that cause issue with these questions lie in our subconscious programming.  I am going to give you the answer to one of the most important questions here though…. YOU are worthy and deserving of all GOOD because YOU ARE.  Repeat… “I am worthy and deserving of all Good because I AM.” That’s it — end of sentence.  Let that digest within you all month!  
We are in an unprecedented time of great evolution.  One in which the collective conscious is asking for a more balanced, fair, easy,  joy filled, peace filled, equitable reality/existence for all.  Already I see so many positive changes… many systems are becoming more efficient, less crowded and more personal, cleaner and better organized…. all themes of the “4” energy.  More people are saving money and reducing debt thereby increasing their financial health as opposed to living a financial illusion and this happening while the basis for a healthy economy goes under a review and overhaul.  The Earth is a little less polluted and we are staying closer to home and finding out that what Dorothy said was true…”There’s no place like home…” And I see these trends and more continuing to rebuild for the next 2 to 3 years.  
I will be discussing all of these themes and more in my web series this month.  You can join for one session or become a subscriber and join me for all of them. Go to my Website www.speakingfromspirit.com for more information.
Next month, July, we will deal with the energy of the eclipses and see what good partnerships are formed in the “2” global month.
For right now it is me Ro
Hoping you are healthy and well
And wishing you