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And here is your March 2020 energy alert

Most of March 2020 is during a Mercury Retrograde phase.  It is going to feel like this month is one long foggy dream- or like we are in a chronic dream state.   It may feel hard to stay present.  You may feel like you lose time, meaning one moment you are here and the next thing you know an hour or more has passed and you don’t know where that time went or where YOU were during that time.  We will have a very strong connection to the unseen world.   

Even for the most dense and unaware of us,  our psychic senses are going to be running extremely high. We may be aware that we are being guided like never before.  Synchronicity will be strong- often undeniable and many of us will go through a deepening of our connection to our own spirit as well as to others on a spiritual level (as opposed to only a physical, mental and/or emotional level).  There is an extremely strong support to heal addictions, not just personally but for the whole ancestral line and maybe even for the collective.  And there is a very strong possibility that addiction will start to be addressed from a spiritual / energetic perspective along with a biological and psychological perspective.  


For those that are empathic–and that would be most of you reading or hearing this alert– right now, due to the Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces energy, there is a tremendous increase in our empathic nature allowing us to absorb, merge, feel, take on and live out what does not belong to us.   Ask constantly– IS THIS MINE?– Is this feeling mine?  Are these money issues mine?  Is this pain mine?  Is this relationship dynamic mine?????? 99% will not be yours.  Release it to the light for complete healing transmutation and transformation.   


With that said, as I stated in January this “4” global year is going to seriously trigger lots of ancestral and generational healing….. stuff that isn’t ours, stuff that we “inherited” so to speak, stuff we came here to take on and heal.  Combine that with the Merc Retro and almost everything surfacing  since mid February has an unhealed wound/root to the mother/father/grandparents/great G/ ancestors/culture and or religion– or all of them.  I know…… what were we thinking agreeing to come to this Earth.  We took this stuff on, we took on the empath archetype because we have the WARRIOR Soul that can handle it.   

So clear it.  Release it.   Send it all to the LIGHT.  It’s what we came here to do.   

We are at a very pivotal time in this world.  The dark is really trying to keep it’s footing.   We are here to change that dynamic.  We change the collective as we change ourselves– as we transmute and transform anything within us into LIGHT we do that for all.  It is essential that we do this now– work on ourselves, work on raising our vibration.  As we do so, everything changes in our world.  The collective reality shifts.  This year is the year the tide can turn.  This month- March 2020 and again in December 2020 we have great opportunity to strengthen our spirit and live our light.  

The Angel Card Message for March 2020 is available on the video recording.  You can find that on the homepage of this website.  

So I hope this message resonates with you and helps you navigate this month’s energy, easily and effortlessly.  

For now 

It is me  Ro

Wishing you