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And here is your May 2019 Energy Alert

May 2019 is an “8” month in a “3” global year.  We can expect the focus to be on Finances and securing not only our financial needs but all of our financial wants.  Do you have a good relationship with money?  Do you feel and experience ease, peace and joy when dealing with your finances, financial life— your money?  Or is this a source of worry, fear, angst, feeling wrong, guilty or dis-empowered?  Does your Ego hold the reigns of your money?  Or does your Spirit?  I am not talking about how much you have, make/earn, save, spend.  And note, there is a  totally different experience with these areas when your ego deals with the finances than when your Soul does. Money is  just a resource to be used– much like air, water, love, energy— and this resource always supports what we value or what we find valuable.  Robert Ohotto says time and energy are our Soul Currency so how about we add money to this paradigm so  we always use our time, energy and money to support, enhance and further our Spirit instead of our ego. The Soul is full of joy therefore our money, time and energy will go towards what brings us and supports our joy and enjoyment.   I will tell you this, when we experience a “lack” mentality (as in “I lack money– I don’t have enough, there isn’t enough”) we will experience this in all three of these areas (time, energy, money) and it is the greatest lie our ego mind has over us.

We are coming off a “7” global month (April 2019) … a month of revelation, insight, revised perception…… so how is this changing your view of what you want, what you have, what you don’t have and what you need?  And more important, what does your Soul value?

Last week I told my MSU students that their generation was seriously shifting a consciousness around work/life balance.  Their generation (the 17-30 year olds now) build their work around their life- instead of their life around their work.  I love this.  I think it is incredibly healthy and I think it is the next step in our evolution in living from Soul.  My generation just tried to expand ourselves to do double duty.. to do both apotheke-zag.de.  We didn’t want to miss the little league games or just want to stay at home– we did both.  My parents generation– wouldn’t have considered having both. Most of their view was “what life– I work and that is what is important”  or “I don’t work- my work is to be in service completely to my family”… which is major work with no pay….but these kids… they  are re writing the story.  They want a quality of life first and their work to fit in and support that.  This is a Soul Driven Shift that will affect all of us in a positive way.

May is a month of taking charge of our lives and managing things — especially from the discernment and wisdom of the Soul.  It is a good month for getting financially organized and dealing with life like a business plan.  The “3” global energy will add fun, joy and play to this serious business.  It will also encourage us to speak our truth- to speak up- and to go confidently forward with what we intend to experience, manifest, create!  In fact, the 3 resonates completely with creating and creativity.  You can’t step into your power and exert your power without being willing and confident to speak your truth and to OWN that you can CREATE whatever it is you want.  The 3 will be super powerful with this, this month. 

May is a no nonsense month where we use our inner power to create, attract and manifest. This is the month we remember and activate our power to do so. This inner power is something we had all along but didn’t always know it, own it, or know how to use it. When we come to know that we truly have the power to manifest, attract and create a life filled with ease, peace, love, joy, abundance, support, harmony, safety, security and fulfillment, in all areas of our life– our health, our work, our relationships, our finances— we truly step into our innate Soul Power and the illusions such as struggle, lack, pain and suffering become de-activated in our psyche and then in our reality.  We then co create more efficiently, effectively, effortlessly and on purpose the life we want to live. I am doing a live in person class on this in June called RO CREATING.  It’s on June 6th and it is in Lyndhurst NJ .  Go to this link to sign up https://rosemarierubinetticappiello.com/events/creating-a-life-that-is-right-for-you/

This month- we get to claim what we allow, expect and manifest in this life.  Sometimes we forget that we have the power to do that. If chaos, struggle, drama, delay, lack, pain or any other false reality shows up– send it back– cancel and delete– proclaim loud and proud “I do not allow this in my life… I only allow peace”….Here is where a lot of what we don’t want will cease to be supported or created. There will be a lot of orders going back to the Universe if they are not what we invoked, claimed or asked for!!!  We are finishing up old paradigms and getting ready to live more fulfilled than ever.  It is time and we are ready.


Next month, I will talk about  completing any old patterns and making way for new realities!

So until June…

It is me Ro

Wishing you