It’s me Ro
And here is your May 2020 Energy Alert
May is a “9” month in the “4” global year.  It is a time for completion and endings. What ends or leaves this month is supposed to- whether we want it to or not.  It is a time where what is no longer needed- goes. Try and remember this if it is an ending that you didn’t expect or don’t want.  It is making way for something new and better that you may not see yet.  
It is a time to reap what we’ve have sown. What we have been sowing in the last 2 months has been mostly in the sub and unconscious. It is a new way of being that is more aligned with our Spirit and with Divine Spirit than with our unconscious painbodies. The new field has been planted. The collective Soul Consciousness has undergone a great shift. However, this month may reflect what was our consciousness, not what is now our new consciousness.  Painbodies have been released but the reality has not yet caught up.  The reality this month will be more reflective of what used to be than what we will be. If the subconscious was filled with painbody- this month’s reality will still reflect that— and the good news is this is what’s leaving.  If the subconscious was filled with your Soul consciousness, this month will reflect that and will have more room to expand starting in June.  Remember whatever we live and experience we have somehow attracted, manifested and/or created in someway– and most of that is done subconsciously.  As this reality comes to completion, a new reality will emerge.  June is a “1” month in a “4” year– it will be the dawn of the new Soul consciousness….where our reality is created and experienced by our Soul truth rather than our ego/painbody illusions . The soul efforts of the last few months will come to fruition as we move forward at the end of May.  
Let’s hope the virus got the memo of this being a global month of completion too.  Either way, I believe that the immediate health crisis will be behind us starting some time this month and a new way forward will begin to emerge.  As the medical field begins to understand this disease and how it affects people differently, how it is spread and how it can be treated (and I believe there will be more than one treatment method for this), the severity of those infected and the death rate will both decline. My feeling is that starting this month, we will begin to have more control through the understanding of how this disease works, progresses and can be treated. Remember, the greatest minds around the world are collaborating on this all together. It is receiving their full attention  It may not be the end of the virus but an ending to the crisis it has caused world wide. We will no longer be caught off guard.  With that said, the world as we knew it has been irrevocably altered- just like after 9/11.  A new normal and a new way will begin to emerge in June.  In a lot of ways, the old ways of life  are gone and with that, there may be some mourning.  
Remember what comes to an end this month is supposed to….some-things want to close… some-things have run their course… some-things are inviting you to finish up and let go, some things belong to an old consciousness that is outdated now.  So if this is a job or business, a way of life, a relationship, a partnership, a habit, a mindset, a group or community you are connected to etc…it is supposed to go.  It is making way for something way better than you can even imagine.  It is creating space for what is being birthed from the new subconscious/conscious Soul Mind… and the Soul Mind only knows how to attract, manifest and create ease, peace, love, joy, harmony, support, abundance, prosperity and unity.  This will be the new normal in all our lives, in our work, in our finances, in our bodies and health, in our relationships…. in all our systems and structures, in all our governments and leaders. Anything that resonates with false ego, egoic power, corruption, lie or illusion will no longer be in this world– it will have what is called “failure to thrive” syndrome.  I know that sounds pie in the sky right now given the current picture of reality but remember it is always always darkest before the dawn and things are being re-written as we speak.  
The fatigue will continue this month.  We are using an exorbitant amount of energy right now just in our state of heightened awareness alone, not to mention all the other energy expenditures.  If we are worrying or anxious (and we all are to some extent) we are burning through energy.  And then add to that, if you are psychically opened, empathic, healer or all- you are doing tons of “behind the scenes work” and using tons of energy.  Honor this and take care of the body when it is calling for rest.  Remember it is fighting off germs too!
May might seem like more of the same but it is not. It is a completion of what was.  It is a shift to a higher paradigm.  It may not be apparent at first (although it may be felt) but we will see in the coming months and even years just how important this month was and how this world event changed this world for the better.  And this includes economically.  Do not believe the talk of lack and deficit and  not enough and running out of money. I know they are the reality a lot of folks right now but they are an illusionary  painbody  for everyone that has been given a lot of power and support by collective ego for millennia…. this lie is now coming to an end both for the individual and the collective. This mindset, painbody, poverty consciousness, ancestral wound has had it’s day.  It is over.  The reality of this will catch up very soon.  
So there is a lot going on this month.  Lot’s of changes are coming- for the better.  Lots of things are ending and this is a great thing.  Lots of illusions, spells and egoic pain bodies are breaking and releasing. Try and embrace all the change and once again, surrender to not knowing.  
It is me Ro
Wishing you nothing but