Things lighten up in October. The mood lightens up.  October will unleash and encourage more self expression, more courage to speak and live our truth, more opportunities to transform our emotional density into something purposeful and beautiful. There is a freedom felt that will allow us to express ourselves even more.  All the heaviness of the past few months (maybe even the past 2 years  or for some even longer)  seems to ease.  Things won’t seem so urgent or dire. We may find ourselves laughing more, letting loose, enjoying ourselves more. It will be quite a social month and new partnerships and alliances can form.

Venus will be retrograde this month through November 16th. Venus is the planet of love (romantic love) sex, power and money.  Our relationships may be challenged this month.  The fault lines or illusions within them may be revealed.  At the end of the retrograde– we will be shown what we really value or come to understand what we value in a different way.  This a good time to gain perspective and get real.  Sometimes in love we see things through rose colored glasses– well here is where the glasses come off and we can see beyond our own illusions, justifications, denials and mis-perceptions. Past lovers or issues from past romances may resurface at this time. Unprocessed emotional wounds from past loves, unhealed broken hearts will resurface at this time so that we may see them from a different point of view and hopefully heal them and make peace.  Watch that you do not project wounds from the past into current relationships.

Also in this month of October, there is an emotive energy.  We may feel our feelings more deeply.  Long held unprocessed emotions  from other experiences may also come to the surface to be healed, released and processed.   Try not to resist, deny or push them down.  Allow them space to be there.  Channel them into something creative…. like Adele does with her songs.  This will transform them into something positive.  And  remember… it is best never to act when you are emotional. It will not be clear action and the outcome most likely will not be what you want or expect.  Step back… get clear and then let right action follows.

We are seeing many people find their voice now.  I know that it sometimes appears these are troubling times, uncertain times and that we are in a great divide here in the US but so so much is being healed, transformed, redirected.  Lifetimes of darkness now in the bright light, lifetimes of injustice and oppression accepted as the norm now coming to the surface.  We are collectively saying NO.  We are redirecting the future.  Remember, it is always uncomfortable and there is always chaos in change. Imagine what that poor caterpillar feels when it is transforming into a butterfly or that little seed  that has to make its way to the surface of the ground to find the sunlight.  And this is a collective growth, a collective shift in consciousness, a collective MAJOR evolution.  Just like the dinosaurs gave way to a new  landscape of this Earth, so does everything that is outdated in thought action and deed need to go now as we are in a much higher vibration– and I mean collectively– even if it doesnt look that way!

So these current events are giving us all a chance, triggering us to get in touch with core emotions sometimes long held. Whether that is anger, sorrow, shock, indignation, resentments, fear… they are all making their way to the top. These are dense and diminish our vibration but as they are dealt with, they release information, truth, energy and lead us into the LIGHT we truly are.   When we allow ourselves to be ourselves- to express ourselves– to express things long held, to release long held emotional baggage, there is a relief, a surge of energy that has long been held in escrow and an ensuing freedom and liberation. Our hearts open and we can give and receive love in greater and healthier ways…… and this is ultimately what will transform this world.  We will experience many people coming to this place and it will benefit and heal all of us.

So I know, seems heavy and light at the same time.  Just remember, ground to, “Everything that is happening in and around my life is perfect… all is in Divine right order”  You will find your PEACE there.
Until next month