It’s me Ro  
Author of Speaking From Spirit
And here is your October 2019 Energy Alert
October is a “4” month in a 3 global year… it is practical, down to Earth and will call us to be disciplined in all that we do.  Even though the “3” is a creative, social, and playful energy, this month, the 4 will ask us to be disciplined in the way we approach things. October is also always a preview to what we will be living in in the following year– in this case in  2020– so pay attention to what shows up, what you are doing and more importantly, how you are feeling.  October is like the dress rehearsal to the new year ahead.  
We each have a personal year number too and the personal year we will be in 2020 will be the same as our personal month number this month..  Again, pay attention to how October feels to you.. what it inspires, triggers, brings forth unexpectedly, what you are called to focus on, what begins in this month you will living in next year. This month will be an enhancement and power boost to whatever your personal numerology year is for next year. You can figure out your personal year by adding your birth month and birth date to 2019.  Ex… (March 2nd … 3 +2+ 2+0+1+9 = 17 = 1+7 = 8)   I am in a “8”  personal year… next year will be a “9” year of completion for me.  October will be showing me what that might be like or what might be completing in my life.  
October 2019 will be a good month to make sure our goals are on track and that what we want to create for our future is on the right path.   Everything will need to be done in right order and we can’t skip steps. For instance, if you were building a house, you can’t hang the windows until the walls are up..  That is what this month will be like- action in right order.  
This month is all about building a solid foundation for our lives so if there are energetic termites eating away at our foundation of anything, we will know about it and be given the chance to clear it all up.  We may not want to deal but we will.  The energy will call for us to address and rectify whatever  affects our future stability, safety and security in this life, in this world.  It is a good month to address health issues or get that check up that may reveal hidden health threats that you don’t even know about. It is a great month for dealing with security, getting insurance, dealing with a long standing issues such as mold in your basement, and for opening up or increasing contributions to your 401 K.  It is a good month to plan for your projects and goals for next year– get those college apps in now kids, this month’s energy will support all of this!!! It is a month to lay a solid stable secure foundation for our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, financial, work related, health related, relationship related future.  If you are one who likes to avoid things or is impulsive, this month may be a struggle as it will call you to task.  If you are already practical and task oriented you will relish the extra boost of power to these already innate qualities. Anything happening in our collective reality (such as the nation or even global) is also happening to bring stability, safety, security and ground to this whole planet and everyone/everything on it.  
October is a mirror to the energy  in January 2019– look what you planned and laid out then… probably a lot has come to fruition or is well on it’s way.  October is a great month to complete some things from then or add to the foundation of these things– like taking it to the next step or level.  
We are now in the Autumn season — Fall.  It is a time of harvest and reaping what we have sown. It is a time for change too.  If you have felt a little more reflective in the past week or two, that is the Fall energy calling you to look back to where your were, where you came from and where you are now— and how far you have come.  It is a time to re-evaluate your life and see if anything needs to be changed or tweaked. Ask…. Do these things I have created still suit me? Are they in alignment with who I am now? Do I want to continue on the path I have been on or start another?  These are things the season of the fall will call us to reflect on.  It will also call us to take ownership of everything and either, atone or celebrate our actions and creations.  It is a powerful time and one we can really use to align more deeply with our Destiny and Soul Power.  
Starting November, you can order a complete 2020 Numerology Report for you or your loved ones.  I find these to be extremely helpful in understanding and navigating the year ahead.  Also in January I always do my Super Soul Class which helps us understand where we are, where we have come from and how to navigate more clearly what isin store for the year ahead. For more information on any of this or any other events I have scheduled for 2019-2020, go to my website….. www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com.  
It is an exciting time to be alive as the consciousness of the whole planet is shifting into higher vibration in every moment.  What once was the norm may no longer feel right and because of this change is happening.  It is a good thing.  
So that is it for now.  I will discuss more about change in the November Energy Alert.  
Until then, it is me Ro
Wishing you