Several dozen people last week who were all sitting near the stage, all eyes and ears on featured speaker, RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello, occupied the Bloomfield Public Library’s Little Theater. Even with all the excited energy in the room, it was still darkly lit and silent in there.

The audience members were all anxiously awaiting the first name that would come out of the psychic mediums mouth, and seeing how Cappiello looked to be in deep thought, nobody dared disturb her.

“I’m getting the name Millie. I don’t know if this is someone in the room, somebody in spirit or somebody connected to this name,” Cappiello finally says. “I have a woman, and she’s smoking a cigarette. I have the name Millie with her. She’s showing me a pendant- like a baseball pendant- and I really want to say it’s the Yankees. It’s blue and white. Anyone know this lady yet?”

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