It’s me Ro
And here is your September 2019 Energy Alert
We are now entering the last quarter of 2019.   I say it in every fall energy alert… what shows up in the fall is always a prelude to what we will be living in the following year. September, October, November 2019 is a preview of sorts for 2020.  

So let’s review … We are in a “3” global year of creative ideas, speaking our truth, living our truth, expressing ourselves and coming to, processing and honoring our emotions. It is a time where the emotional bill comes due– where we say what’s in our heart and maybe even express this creatively to the world.  It is often a social, fun and joyful year. It is a year to keep a journal– especially a dream journal and to have heart to heart discussions.  It can be a year to seek psychotherapy to process old emotions or come to understand your emotional nature in a more mature way. It’s a great year to release PTSD if you have it. If you have been planning to write or publish a book, this year is where the energy is there to not only support it but to push us to follow through and to push it into the world.  Remember we have a personal numerology year as well- 3 is the global year, meaning the whole world will be feeling the effects of this 3 energy. Our personal year theme such as a “1”year of new beginnings would be influenced by the “3” global year making it a year of beginning new ways of self expression, creatively or more truthfully living your most authentic life and self and/or, starting new endeavors in ways that would be unique to you… and of course, there would be a lot of emotion around all these new beginnings and “firsts”. 
Our personal year lessons/experiences would have been especially prominent over this July/August time frame and depending on how self aware and willing we are to work on our SELF determines how much freed up energy will be present and available to us in the last quarter of the year… the fall season of harvest and reaping what we have sown. 

For most of us September won’t feel so heavy or serious like it might have in the first six months of this year. With that said, there will be a clarity and determination that will allow us to take the the bull by the horns, plot a course of action and follow through on said action– in highly unique and creative ways.  This month will have a lot of practical energy for us so we can get organized but it will also be light and playful.  Even the shenanigans we see on the news with world politics, the latest crisis or global anything won’t seem so dire or desperate.  It is not denial or indifference .. it is more like a refusal to feed the pain body.. the personal and collective one. Our individual and collective Spirit is taking over and refusing to refuel the dense emotions or keep the old story going.  We are un-creating and re-creating (kind of like Ro Creating!!!!) a new world even if it doesn’t seem like it.  
October will carry this theme of Soul driven thinking and action even more. By November we will start to see the changes— where the drama and chaos internally and externally seem to have way less power to manifest and the Spirit so much more power–and by December, we will be living with a sense of better balance, harmony, ease and groundedness….I could do with that how about you?

There is an extremely social aspect to this September 2019.  We will want to be out and about.  We will want to connect to others or reconnect.  Our social calendars will be full.   In October, we will be called to buckle down a bit and get serious but this month will also keep the party going.  Don’t fight it– enjoy it.  As always balance is needed to keep us from falling into all play and no work but even if that happens, October will snap us out of it.  
The “3” theme will be really strong through September. Since “3” is so much about emotions, it is a chance for us to really grow into emotional maturity– where we become responsive and observant of our human emotions– not controlled or reactive from them.  Again depending on how much work we have done around this will determine if our social encounters this month are filled with joy or are triggers for our emotional baggage to resurface… and show us how far we have come or have far we have to go.  Should be interesting!!!
I will be holding my 2 day intensive– Ro Creating— in Lyndhurst NJ on the 20th and 21st.  We will be focusing on putting our Spirit in charge of all that we live, manifest, attract and create.  Our Spirit only knows how to attract and create ease, peace, love, joy, abundance, harmony….and I will be teaching this in my own unique and creative way!!! For more info on this go to my website… www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com and register to join me.  
So for now
It’s me Ro
Wishing you