Over the years, I have had many people come to me to express “weird” experiences or unexplained coincidences, synchronicity or extra sensory experiences with no idea what these things mean or what is actually happening. I know when these shifts started happening in me way back in the 90’s, I didn’t know what was happening, what it meant, where it would lead or what to do with them.  Luckily I was guided to understand all that I would need to and if this is happening to you, know you will be guided as well.

Here is the best course I feel when a Spiritual Awakening is occurring…

We all have intuition available to us… inner guidance that we can tap into or pay attention to.

We all  have extra senses called psychic senses– most of us do not know what they are or how they work within us.  Some people have stronger psychic impulses than others.  Some are born more sensitive to unseen energy and information– some develop more sensitivity over time and with attention.

Understanding or developing your intuitive/psychic nature does not mean you need to become a professional psychic/intuitive/medium– it means you have more skills and abilities to navigate your life in general.  It means you have more access to information and guidance in your work, with your finances, how you relate and in regards to your body and health.

But what is the course of action  one should take if you find yourself being “called” to explore the more esoteric part of your nature?

Here is what I suggest…

  1. First  learn the basics.  Like what are the psychic “clairs”


  1. What is intuition and the different types of Intuition we have


  1. What is the energy system..chakras… aura…7 planes of existence….states of consciousness/higher consciousness
  2. What is the difference between Soul and Ego…Spirit…Entitiy


Our main work should be on discovering who we are, how we operate, what our wounds and painbodies are, what it means to be in our Spirit and to come from our Spirit.  Our main work should be on making ourselves—  Self Aware, Grounded, Whole, Healed. So we never in any area of our life, come from a place of unconsciousness or ego.

  1. From there–  branch out and learn about healing- mediumship-trance-channeling-consciousness-shamanism-empath- space clearing/reading or anything else that calls to you.  The basics though should come first.6. Then find teachers/mentors to study and work with.  Find  practice circles for all of these and engage in these often and regularly.  Believe me, when you are ready the Hogwarts reveal themselves to you!  This is essential.  Your growth will be hindered if you try and do this alone.


  1. And of course, most importantly- self study and practices– Self Awareness is key.  Meditate everyday— power up– sit in silence– practice presence regularly.  Get yourself into therapy and address your issues and wounds (we all got em). Do practices and/or rituals that connect you to your Authentic Soul Self.   Read about Destiny/Fate, Archetypal patterns  and Life path.  Connect regularly to your Source and your Spirit Teams who help you.  Know who they are.  Ground to your Spiritual Source until it becomes a way of life not a concept. Stay grounded, work and clear your energy regularly.  Have good physical habits that support you– eat well, get good sleeps, stay in balance and stay healthy mentally-emotionally-physically, have healthy relationships and right work in right balance (with or without pay-income).  Do things that make you happy– very important ENJOY your life and have fun.  Honestly, if everyone on this planet did this our psychic/intuitive gifts would be a natural way of life and we would achieve peace on Earth in a hot minute.


  1. ***NOTE**** if you are mentally/physically/emotionally unstable or unhealthy, developing your psychic awareness or skills will NOT help and can be seriously damaging to you and others.  At the very least it will be a distraction to what you really need to deal with or a way of feeling powerful–important- seen-acknowledged-special (in other words and Ego trip).  At the very worst it will destabilize you and become destructive.  It is best you get yourself whole first then allow these “gifts” to surface and develop.Where I can help…

I can recommend a reading list  (see my website–

I can recommend some great teachers/mentors/circles/Hogwarts

I have  past webinars on my website on many of these subjects available to you

I do many talks/lectures/practices on these subjects FREE at various libraries

I teach  self development, self empowerment and self awareness classes a few times a year

I have an Online Community that meets virtually once a month.

I have a year long mentoring program with six available spots per year.

It is a 3 fold process..

Then for spiritual development-self development
Self care practices

These are lifelong paths to enlightenment and authenticity.  Not for the faint of heart :))))

If you find yourself in a Spiritual Awakening– it will not go away..  best to get on board even if it seems like alot of work, even if you have to excavate before you build.  It is the original yellow brick road and we will all take this journey in one lifetime or another.