It’s me Ro


And Here is your 2020 Energy Alert and your January Alert….

Here we are in January 2020 and the start of a new decade.  The energy right from the beginning will be intense as we have 2 eclipses–12/26 and 1/10/20—-  Lots of things may change this month. Some changes seeming to come out the blue and maybe completely unexpected.  For some it may feel like your whole world just blew up. Like the Goddess Kali Ma just stopped by for a visit. Even if these changes may seem unsettling, they are actually setting us up for a new branch of our destiny and for a new potential to be fulfilled. If any of you watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it can be a change like that!


Of course, some changes may have been planned– like starting a new job or starting a family or moving to a new home. All change requires an acclimation and settling in period.  No matter what the change is, expected or unexpected, this is all a set up for our future and for creating more structure, security, stability and foundation in our lives.  Look back to what was happening in November 2019 as some of the groundwork for these changes was happening then.


2020 starts a new decade.  First–look back on where you were in 2010– what did your life look like then?  Where were in your work/career?  Financially?  Are the same people still in your life? How much have you grown as a person mentally, emotionally, spiritually?  If you were to give this decade a title what would it be?  Now, what do you wish to carry forward into the next decade?  Is there a phase of your life that is coming to an end so a new phase can begin?  What are your intentions for the next 10 years as you move forward?   I know one intention I want everyone to make and that is to make and have life be easier.  Yes, I know we have all been told life is hard, but you do know that is just a thought or belief not a truth, right?  Set your intention now…. I intend to make all areas of my life easier….. I intend to experience ease in every area of my life…It is okay for my life to be easy.  And when I say this, I mean easy…. in all your relationships, with your health and body and self-care, ease with finances– as in saving, spending, bill paying, ease with your work, your schedule, your work/life balance…. Repeat after me…..Life Is Easy… MY LIFE is Easy!!!


2020 is a 4 global year and the four resonates with planning, managing, structure, security, practical, systemic and careful.  It is a year to really focus on your health and your body.  We will feel a need to get things in order– even the most, or especially the most, disorganized of us.  There will be a focus on getting “earth settled” and what I mean is… landing a good secure job or creating stability and structure if you are self-employed.  Also, emphasis on saving/investing for the future, creating financial security whether through income building or investing, buying a home, settling down, having a family, getting insurance.  On the spiritual end, the focus will be on knowing your own mind and self, becoming more self-aware, grounding to your beliefs, increasing your connection to Divinity, buckling down and studying higher concepts and moving more into higher consciousness.  If your life has been egocentric and is filled with chaos, struggles, pain and drama, this is the year to really sort it all out and make an action plan to move beyond it all.  You may be working the 4 energy by going back into the roots of your life, the family and ancestral dynamics, old traumas and childhood issues.  It is a great year for psychotherapy!!  There will be great opportunity to get to the root of the problems so to speak.  I already see this as being the core of my work this year– regression work.  While this year may feel like hard work at times, it will all be worth it as it will set the foundation of our future– of life being easy.  It is a year of responsibility.  Taking responsibility for our life– our choices, our actions, our words and for all we have experienced and created- intentionally or unintentionally.  It is a year to take things step by step– and not to skip steps or jump ahead.  Everything will need to be done methodically and in order. Even if you are studying holistic healing, there will be practical steps and an order to your learning and practice.


This year is a year to make sure things are secure so be assured if there are any cracks in our foundations– the foundations of our relationships, job/career choices, health, savings or income earning, collaborations, literally our home… it will all be brought to light.  The decisions we make now, the actions we take now will have lasting repercussions.  If our spirit is making the decisions, we will be set up for stability and security.  If it is our ego– good luck.


As I said before, January is about changes.  We may take off in a new direction or something can change (like a job loss) and propel us into a new direction.  There may also be some unexpected travel this month– Fiji anyone??  This is a great month for networking so get on that social media and make connections, contacts and friends.  If you are self-employed it is a great month to promote your services and business. It is a good month to communicate and make good connections in general. It is a great month for sales.  For business it is an awesome month to set a foundation for financial success for the whole year.  And this is the month to get our health in order.  Schedule your check ups and preventative care.  Visit the dentist and get your teeth cleaned and checked.  Have your bone density test done.  4 resonates with structures and foundations– in the body that is our bones, spine and teeth.  Start the year right by getting everything checked out and tuned up.


I will be discussing more about 2020 in my Online class on January 6th– what’s in store for 2020 a 4 global year of creating the life you want to live.  And I will also be doing my annual Super Soul Classes where we discuss in depth what you personally can expect for 2020 and how to best work with this energy.  These classes are on January 18th and January 25th.  You can go to my website for more information on all of this or to sign up.  www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com


I am looking forward to this year and all this new decade will be bringing.  I know that as we each create a more stable and secure life, we hold the space for everyone in the collective to do so as well.


It is me Ro

Wishing you