Creating A Peace Filled World

It is my hope that this video brings calm and peace and empowerment to all of those that watch it. I am hoping we can remember that each one of us has the power to hold our peace, feel and connect to the love in our hearts and remain centered in the midst of tragic […]

Blog Radio Show from 7/20- Guest Appearance RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello is: an intuitive, medium, healer, hospice grief counselor and volunteer, ordainted spiritual minister, certified hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, Reiki-attuned and earned a BS in physical education from Montclair State University. She is also the author of Speaking from Spirit: Inspiring Stories and Messages from Those Who Have Passed On. A fascinating read. These […]

Medium connects Caldwell residents

Medium connects Caldwell residents with deceased during demo

CALDWELL—Some guests shivered while others gasped as medium Rosemarie Rubinetti Cappiello recited details of a man’s life that matched those of a woman’s deceased husband. Cappiello, a resident of Lyndhurst, visited the Caldwell library on Wednesday. Jan. 20 to host a mediumship demo to promote her new book “Speaking from the Spirit: Inspiring Stories and […]

Millburn Public Library

Spiritual Medium to Visit Millburn Library

The Millburn Free Public Library will host a “Meet the Medium” event on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. Medium RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello will discuss her book, “Speaking from Spirit,” and connect audience members with spirits wishing to communicate from beyond… Read More

Bloomfield Public Library

People Gather at Bloomfield Public Library for Psychic Reading with Ro

Several dozen people last week who were all sitting near the stage, all eyes and ears on featured speaker, RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello, occupied the Bloomfield Public Library’s Little Theater. Even with all the excited energy in the room, it was still darkly lit and silent in there. The audience members were all anxiously awaiting the […]

Ro doing a spiritual event

Lyndhurst medium aims to connect people with themselves

In front of an audience of 40 people on the top floor of the Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad building were two empty seats with poster-sized book covers on display on either side. One featured the cover of “The Godfather’s Daughter” written by Rita Gigante, a spiritual healer, while the other was the cover of “Speaking […]

Lyndhurst Ambulance Corp

Psychic Seeks Profitable Future For Lyndhurst Ambulance Corps

LYNDHURST, N.J. — Township resident Roe Rubinetti Cappiello was driving through a trestle on her regular commute to work one morning in 1999 when she was overcome by what felt like anxiety. It was someone else’s presence, she said, presumably the ghost of a young boy who’d fallen from a nearby tree and died years […]