It’s me Ro
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And here is your December 2019 Energy Alert
We come to the end of this 2019– a “3” global year of self expression, creative expression, emotional expression and  speaking our truth– on a very high note.  While holiday time tends to bring up grief, unprocessed emotions and traumas from the past, this season, many of us will feel a lightness, and a sense of joy and even freedom from  having done the often hard work of dealing with emotion during this 3  global year. Here is where the reward of all that excavating comes due.  Check in with yourself…. where have you grown emotionally?  Where have you expressed and communicated in a way you haven’t before?  Where have you allowed yourself to walk away from drama and create more peace in your life and world?  Where have you taken a risk and allowed yourself to be more vulnerable with your voice, your choices, your creations, your expressions and your actions?  Have you reached a different level of emotional maturity this year?  Where have you spoken up or spoken your truth?  Have you had moments where you have seen a situation or event from your higher perspective?  Can you hold that?  Have you allowed yourself more joy, more ease, more freedom this year? These are some of the questions we will discuss in my ONLINE WEBINAR  on December 16th  REFLECTIONS ON 2019 A 3 GLOBAL YEAR OF SELF EXPRESSION.  I am opening this for anyone who wishes to register.  You can sign up through one of my weekly emails.  
If you have worked efficiently with this energy, December promises to be more light heart-ed, easy, joy-filled and freeing.  If not, well the emotional lessons will hit again and hit hard to give one last shot for healthy processing and assimilating. The choice will be there to follow through or delay longer.  
December is a 6 month in a 3 year…..the 6 resonates with nurturing, family, love  (especially romantic love) community, balance, and responsibility to others. With this being holiday time, we often have to deal with family, family dynamics and our sense of duty to the tribe ( we have many tribes–family, community, work, peers, groups etc). The 6 energy asks us to honor ourselves, or find the balance of our self to our duty for others.  The 3 energy will give us a voice and encourage us to speak our truth, needs and desires to our tribes and most especially in our love relationships.  Speaking of romance- this is a great month to find a new romantic partner and/or to deepen our connection and intimacy within an already existing romance.  In other words, LOVE is in the air and we may find great love at this time or take our love to another level through truthful, honest, expressive communication and self expression.  
This month will encourage us to be our SELF, to drop our masks and pretenses, to let go of false representations of our self, and simply just be our TRUE SELF. Also this month, past emotional turbulence (especially from this year) may abruptly and promptly come to an end…. and with that a sense of ease, peace, joy and freedom will be present.  Life will feel good.  Amen to that miracle.  
There may be a sense of wanting to stay home and close to hearth but the 3 being super social will want us to gather and have fun.  If there are social outings they will be filled with people you love and care for and more importantly- enjoy.  Instead of beer pong we may be playing family games that make us speak our truth and express what has been held inside– like Vertellis… All of this leads to a greater sense of understanding and closeness.  
At the end of December we start a new cycle of eclipses– so this of course will have everything heightened.  2020 will be a “4” global year— it is a year where stability, safety, security and planning will be prominent themes.  I will discuss more on that in the January 6th Online Meeting as well as in all of the Super Soul Classes I have in the beginning of the year.  For more information on these events or to register, go to my website www.speakingfromspirit.com.  We also have the Winter Solstice on Saturday December 21st….a great day to celebrate the return of the Light.  Full Moon is December 12th and New Moon is December 26th.  I will discuss more about these in the weekly energy alerts.
The Angel Card for this month is from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue…Yoga– Babaji— This card is reminding us to do practices that connect us to our self awareness, raise our vibration, enhance our light.  Now more than ever it is important that we connect to True SELF and our inner light.  Babaji is a Hindu God of enlightenment.  Again I will discuss more about him and this message on December 16th.
I am always always wishing you peace and joy, now more than ever during this blessed holiday season and end of the year.  
It is me Ro
I will see you in 2020
Wishing you