March 2017 Energy Alert

March begins following the lunar and solar eclipses of February. Everything may feel a little off center.  The work begins this month for setting a foundation for what it is we are now creating and manifesting.  There will be inner work and out work to do.  Inner work has to do with the beliefs, programming, emotions, limits, distractions and self sabotage that may show up.  Outer work has to do with the practical tasks and actions that need to happen, in right order and right timing to build the foundation of what we want to create.  Sometimes the  foundation is getting the inner work done and digested so the outer can just simply manifest itself.  Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

Ever wonder why some of the intentions you set do not come to fruition?  Or, why they may take a long time?  Intentions and affirmations are formed and said in the conscious mind, the beta brain, but the unconscious/subconscious mind accounts for 88% of our thought (and beliefs and programming).  So if you are intending/affirming “I create a peace filled life” and you are encountering something different– then it is about conflicting beliefs, programming, thoughts in the SUB conscious that are challenging or counter creating what you don’t want.  It is important to go into that subconscious space, clear it out and reprogram it.  Kind of like what hypnotists do with people who are trying to quit smoking.

So if you program in ” I now intend to eat healthy and exercise and take good care of my body” and the next day you go on a junk food binge (sabotage) you may want to look at the unconscious part of you that feels it doesn’t deserve to be healthy or feel good about yourself or enjoy your body or the part of you that likes to  make you a failure.  If you program in ” I intend to create and live in a healthy, happy, joyful, passionate romantic relationship with a kindred soul” and then spend the next day feeling sad and resentful that this is not in your life (ego distraction)  you want to look at the the patterning, programming and belief systems( especially within the family, ancestral lines and early years of your life) that instilled (and still are instilling) a belief this is not possible for you.  Once the the “block” in the subconscious is identified, you can simply release it.  And then reprogram it.  And even better if you do it a theta state — like right before you fall asleep, right as you wake up, before you get out of bed, in meditation or a little after meditation. make sure your eyes are closed and feel the power of the intention.  don’t beg or plead, say with command and then say t”it is done, thank you.”  This is the inner work I am talking about.  Once this takes root — oh and it will– then the right actions can take place, in right timing with the right opportunities to support it.

It may sound complicated but it really isn’t.  Some very basic reprogramming might go like this….
“I release any part of me that creates or attracts suffering, chaos, drama, struggle, pain– I release any part of of me that believes this is necessary or expected in life”—

“I release any part of me that creates illness in my body–any part that believes I need this disease– I release whatever purpose this illness is serving for me now”
This is the inner work.

The outer work involves actions.  This might include weeding out the things in your life that create stress, taking more time for fun, consciously engaging in eating vibrant alive foods and moving your body. Making a plan and meeting with an advisor or expert about sprucing up your resume, or getting your financial house in order.  It may mean getting things fixed in your house so it is ready to sell, checking with your mortgage to see what you qualify for.  It may mean letting your friends know you are interested in meeting someone of substance and seeing if they know anyone they can fix you up with,  It may me finding that therapist and finally dealing with your past or emotions so you can move forward. You get the idea. And remember most importantly, the changes you are trying to make and create will not work or hold until you ALLOW yourself to DESERVE them.  So work on that part too.

March will produce opportunities to put your intentions into gear.  Your job is to weed the inner garden as these opportunities bring them to light.  March is still a mix of winter/spring energy– the winter (inward pull and focus) and the spring (new beginnings and new starts).  You will go in and you will go out.  How perfect.

Check in constantly, ask your Angel of Awareness to help you be more aware of yourself.  Use the outside as a gauge.  If you are not liking the manifestations in your outer life, go back in and see what unconscious beliefs are doing the creating/attracting, weed and reprogram.  Try not to get frustrated, defeated, angry, self pitying.  The outside just mirrors the inside — and is calling forward what needs to be healed.

When John and I got married I wanted my whole house/space to reflect a certain vibe.  I loved Pier One and wanted furniture and fixings from there.  It took me 18 years to manifest that.  I often wondered why it takes me so long to manifest material things when I so easily can manifest other things. There were/still are quite a few blocks.  One was that the material stuff was less important or should be less important to me (a denial and rejection of “things).  One was that I didn’t NEED them (a programming from childhood).  One was a false virtuous belief that I shouldn’t and don’t need much– how righteous of me!!  One very strong one, and one that continues to show up whenever I try and manifest something material is -I don’t deserve this (this is not only mine, but ancestral, familial, and strongly part of the collective).  Another unconscious patterning for me and others might be– if I allow myself to have these things I WANT, I will pay a price, I will be punished, or it is simply wrong for me to have these things.  I am more aware of these currents of subconscious programming now and this allows me to work on them  or work them through for healing.   Some I have cleared, some only come in certain areas of my life, some I still work on as they show up.   You can apply these to areas of your life where you might struggle– maybe in your career or relationships or in your connection to spirit and Divinity (that one was always super easy for me, I seem to have no unconscious beliefs blocking that one!)

March will also bring in new concepts for us– a lot having to do with the nature of Spirit, our own Spirit, Divinity and Unity. One of these will be our beliefs and understanding of time and space.  Remember things always start as a concept before we KNOW/BELIEVE it, then OWN it, then LIVE it.  So the concept might be something like- all time and space are happening at the same time (thank your Mr. Einstein)– hmmm concept (in one or some), then-concept(to all), knowing/belief to some– then to all, owning it, living it etc….  Got that.  It will be very interesting to see what shows up.  Those of you that have been doing your spiritual fine tuning will be ahead of the curve on this one as it becomes more of a concept to all.

So again, I am here if you need any help with the reprogramming piece.  We can get that done in an energy balancing or intuitive reading.  Check the readings and services page for more info on that.

In the meantime, wishing you peace–
Be well

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