It took me a while to sit and get clear enough to write this March alert.  After the latest school shooting and subsequent uprising this is finally stirring, I reread the February alert and realized how powerful and accurate that message was. I could not have imagined that this message would pertain so strongly to such a national event. With that said, I had to reconcile that sometimes what I think a message means  and what it actually means are not always the same thing– and thank God for that limit in my mind.

As I  sit with and feel the energy of March it feels as if things intensify, both personally and globally, they do not calm down.  Our Spirit, the collective Spirit, this world in general  is asking for change, an evolution…..and change is what we will get. As with anything, we can do this the easy way — as in going with the flow, trusting, holding the space that everything is in Divine Right Order— or we can do it the hard way… in resistance, fighting the change, not accepting what is, wringing our hands.  March is the month  where we are living in some sort of change- some sort of “new normal” and we can either hold our peace with that (and trust and faith) or not.  That will be our personal choice in every moment of every situation.

There were curve balls in February.  The Lunar and Solar Eclipses stirred the pot.  Things might have been going in one direction then all of sudden boom- you are in another direction and have to hold on to the steering wheel and navigate in a place you don’t know yet.  That was certainly a big piece of February.  Many of us could no longer stay still with something any longer- it was time to move or take action or switch course- whether we were made to do this or we decided to do this-  we still found ourselves in uncharted waters.  March is now where we live the change and adjust.  Who you partner with now is especially important (in this “2” year of partnerships- group effort- team work) as these will be (and we will be) the right partners.  One thing for sure this March– your clarity and sensitivity are extremely heightened.  Trust this completely.  If you are wrong, your intuitive self will let you know immediately.  Mostly likely you will be right– clear.  Do not leave your intuition in the “hindsight” zone…meaning…”I knew I shouldn’t have done that” or   “I knew I should have done that”…. Listen, know and more importantly follow without argument your intuitive GPS and then you will be grounded to it and you will experience a Soul Confidence most dream about.  Remember Intuition and Psychic Senses are two completely different things– one collects data (Psychic senses)–one interprets the data (intuition).  If you want to learn more on this come to the 2 day Understanding your Psychic Senses Class in April.  We will discuss and practice these as well as healing, mediumship, telepathy and more.

I asked Archangel Michael for some guidance for this month of March and I pulled the card from the Doreen Virtue oracle cards…”Eternal Love”–message= help me perceive all the love that surrounds me so that I can feel safe in receiving, expressing and giving love.  I take this card to mean, tune into the love energy in this world instead of any other that might be around you.  Right now, since that Parkland shooting, there is a lot of sadness, sorrow, anger, rage, indignation, calls for justice etc…. we can all feel that, even those completely insensitive or unaware, yet there is always LOVE energy around us. Sometimes other energy blocks the Love energy like clouds block the sun but the sun is always there even when it is night time and we can’t see it.  Tap into the LOVE energy- go past or above the other.  Those that are especially sensitive, empathic or  psychic sponges– this is imperative for you– go past the other and feel/perceive/know the love that surrounds you always. Do this consciously (as in what you pay attention to or put your focus on gets bigger and more obvious)  Do this in your own personal life all the time, every day and over ride the other.  Tap into the Love Energy (the love energy brings the peace btw) and bring it forward.  It is always there.   No excuses like “I am too sensitive to watch the news etc”…… Get over it and bring the love and peace because you know you can.

Next I asked the Goddess Oracle cards who will be with us this month as an assistant– who we can call upon this month for extra help–our go to Goddess so to speak…..Vesta is with us.  Message…..”your household situation is improving either through a move or healthy change.’ Vesta, the Roman Goddess of home and hearth reminds us that our outer world (reality)  is a reflection of our inner world world (meaning our inner thoughts, feelings subconscious).  What you experience, who you experience and how you experience life, is what your attract and is a direct reflection of where you are at in your own energy.  Don’t like what you see or what you are experiencing? Then you need to upgrade the inside so the outside mirrors that.  When people, places and things leave your life it is because the energy resonance is not there any longer.  People, places and things coming in… is because this is where you are “at” right now.  Look around– you— “your house”— meaning your closest circles– this is where you are at inside.  If you need an upgrade, ask Vesta.  If you are thrilled, ask Vesta to make it even more “warm”–ie.  connected, comfy, cozy, safe, supported, loving, full.

I will discuss more of these two messages as well as do a good energy balancing meditation on the Monthly Webinar on Wednesday March 7th 7pm.  Remember you need to be a subscriber to attend this.

Make no mistake- the pressure will be on all this 2018 year to un-create what we don’t want  and create what we do want.  It is an inside job– not an outside job meaning….” I will go on a diet and lose weight’ ( will over the outside)— it will only adjust temporarily.  We have to go to the root– meaning the inside–“what in me is attracting or creating this excess weight (issue, pattern, relationship, struggle, health issue etc)…”  Ask and you have already brought up the answer from the subconscious and higher conscious.

March 2018 is a very important time of living a change.  Whether it is a change we want (like a move or new job) or one we don’t (like a health crisis or death) the change is here and we either find our way to adjust or we resistance.  We can either tap into the love energy or the other.  We can either blame the outside or change our inside.  Powerful choices.

So it is me Ro
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See you April


Rosemarie Rubinetti-Cappiello