We are about to enter the season of the fall/the direction of the West.  The archetype here is the warrior– the animal totem is the Jaguar.  It is the time of the setting sun.  In the cycle of life-it is our golden years.  It is where we speak, live, own our truth… where we come to our truth and where we honor self.  It is where we separate the wheat from the chaff… where we let go of what no longer serves us or what we’ve outgrown. We reap and keep the bounty of  what all our good work and efforts have produced. We reap the effects and outcomes of our choices. This is where we own all of it. The fall time — especially October and November are a preview of what we will live in next year. So pay attention to what shows up.
In September 2018, we will be working with the energy of cooperation and harmony.  It should be a fluid month for most where the plans/thoughts/inspirations and dreams of August 2018 begin to take form through our actions. If there is fluidity and harmony, you can be assured that the universe is in full support of your destiny driven plan.  If there are blocks, obstacles, complete shut downs and out and out NO– this is the Universe’s way of saying you are going in the wrong direction, this is NOT a Soul driven (more like a limited thinking or ego driven) plan. Pay attention and act appropriately and accordingly.  For some, things will go so smooth and it will feel like you are getting an Angelic escort into your plan of action.  Good for you if that is happening.

The retrogrades over the summer months allowed us to re-evaluate and take stock of our lives. We let some things go, or some things transformed from one form to the other… or …some things came to an end. This left room for us to contemplate change. What exactly do we what?  What exactly is our Soul trying to create? There was a lot of back and forth and our little ego/lower mind self may have had a lot to say.  We were triggered– maybe to clear up some issue(s)….some that were even carried over or inherited from generation to generation or maybe were brought in from other lifetimes. The transformations could be unforgiving at times.. kinda like the wildfires in the west, relentless, scorching, burning, clearing everything for miles, … so something new can be born or emerge.  This is the natural process this Earth uses to cleanse and clear what is no longer needed and/or what needs to begin anew. The same thing happens for us on a personal level– it is a reset/new start if you will. There has been mass evolution of consciousness these past few months– even if it doesn’t always look like it.  For some it will be apparent and dramatic– for others, more subtle but noticeable over time.  It all leads to clarity and empowerment and that is what we experience beginning in September and lasting through November.
September will also bring in new friendships, alliances, partnerships and even romances.  We may meet just the right builder to build our dream home or find the right therapist or get a new boss, co worker, roommate who just adds more to our life and us to theirs.  It is a powerful month to acknowledge, hear, trust and act on your intuition.  Doing this is extremely powerful and grounds and centers you to your Soul.  Remember Intuition is the the voice of your higher mind, Soul/Spirit, inner wisdom.  It is the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.  It is a feeling more than words.  It is instinctive, gut level, your sixth sense.  it is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, validation or conscious reasoning– and it is always true.  Everyone has intuition– some stronger than others.  Even when we know or feel/hear our intuitive voice– we don’t always act on it or listen to it. This month, we will have many opportunities to do so and our intuitive self will be much more apparent.  Intuition is very different from psychic senses or abilities.  Psychic senses collect  and report data– information using senses beyond our five physical senses.  Intuition allows you to knowledgeably know what the data means,  If you would like to learn more about intuition and or psychic senses, or if you would like to develop your intuition and psychic senses,  I will be  running an online class called UNDERSTANDING AND DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC, EMPATHIC, INTUITIVE, SPIRITUAL, MEDIUMISTIC, HEALING NATURE AND ABILITIES.  This 10 session class will begin online January 2019 and run through  May 2019.  I will send more details on this and instructions to register in the coming weeks.
One more thing before I finish this alert–Our mind spends an incredible amount of time on 3 core issues.  They run from the subconscious but infiltrate and taint our conscious thoughts.  These are egoic-lower mind thinking/painbody created thoughts. And they often feel very justifiable.  They are insidious and take up a lot of our brain space.   Clearing them will open space in our mind for the energy of peace, grace, love, joy— and will make our mind so incredibly powerful that telekinesis- the ability to move objects with our mind– is even possible. These core issues– Rejection (kidney), Resentment (liver), Regret (lungs)- also affect the body in a huge way. In fact one way to tell which one is predominant is to see what organs are in trouble or give you trouble.  When you find yourself dwelling or engaging in one of these thoughts– when you notice your talk conveying these thoughts/beliefs– when you are unhappy and/or depressed — when your physical or mental energy is low… check in and see which of these programs has hijacked the computer.  Then cancel and delete.  Replace and/or download the energy of grace and peace into your being to fill in and replace this program.  Your intuitive self will remember this and bring your awareness into play when you are consciously or unconsciously engaging in one of the 3 R’s.  And….. I have also called in the Angels of Awareness to assist us all as well. Can’t wait to see the level of empowerment in each of us after this clearing is complete!
If you need me to assist/bear witness/facilitate this clearing, go to my website www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com/readings-services/ and book and energy clearing session and we will get it DONE!
Until next month …

Rosemarie Rubinetti-Cappiello

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