April 2017 Energy Alert

April 2017 has a lot going on both in our inner world and outer world.  The 3 retrogrades, Venus, Jupiter and oh yes starting April 9th, Mercury, have us examining our hidden and subconscious patterning in regards to relationships.  What part of us comes to our relationships?  Think wounded child, star crossed lover, unrequited lover, enabler, co-dependent, martyr, hero etc. And is it the shadow part of these archetypes or the version that is empowered and in the light?

We are also examining what we say we value.  Sometimes what we say we value and what we back with our time, energy, actions and resources tell a different story.  Mercury Retro will have us check in with how we think and communicate giving us a chance to become more clear and authentic in both.  Retrogrades give us a chance to see what is in our subconscious programming and what may be conflicting or competing with what we say we want and intend to create. This is the inner world I am talking about.

Our brain function is 12% conscious and 88% unconscious– guess which one does most of the creating!  The good news is that our higher self often resides in the sub/unconscious too.  This accounts for how we often attract and create good fortune, synchronicity and serendipitous events.  It is like the Soul is unconsciously pulling the strings like the wizard behind the curtain in Oz. Our Soul and/or our wounds both sit in the subconscious– when we bring whatever there is to light (into our conscious mind) we then have deeper, more powerful and empowered understanding, compassion and connection to and for SELF, and empowerment to make conscious choices that create, manifest and manage all areas of our life.

People often come to me and ask me about “their purpose” in this life or how to find their purpose.  We all have a purpose. It is not a job although we often think it is.  Everything has a purpose in our life. We always have a purpose wherever we are and with whoever we meet.  We don’t always know that at the time.   We can find purpose in anything we are doing or even give/create a  meaning and purpose to something.  My dog groomer once told me that my dog Ruby needed a purpose.  Wha?? She said before you leave the house or even everyday – give her a purpose –like Ruby your purpose today is to bring joy or watch the house or take care of Marco. We can ask or find the purpose in anything and for anything.  I realized what people meant when they asked this though, what they were really searching for was a deeper connection and understanding of SELF, of their Divinity and maybe even to their Source. They were looking for deeper connection, a sense of empowerment- beyond just a concept to a true knowing.  When we seek purpose we are really seeking to connect to our Soul. When we do this, we start a journey that has no end.  And our life becomes Mystical.  Then purpose in our life gets activated by our sense of empowerment allowing us to go father than we could ever have imagined in having a positive and long lasting impact into this world…. you see why this is so important. Then we live our Life ON PURPOSE!!! (see your #1 of your 7 SPIRITUAL TIPS for this).

Real power is when our conscious and subconscious mind are in alignment and not competing or running counter programs.  Then we can have instant manifestations and we can live lives that have deeper impacting purpose.  Cool right.  April is bringing the opportunity for this. It will be a busy time of examining the SELF.  It is only frustrating when we feel stifled, stopped or stagnant.  When we encounter this, rejoice… it means something very powerful is trying to reveal itself.  Ask for clarity, ask to see what is hidden from view, ask to be shown what it is you need to know/see.  You will absolutely get that answer.  The Universe loves to work with those willing to explore.

It will also be a very busy month regarding your outer world too.  There  will be subtle but powerful and effective changes this month.  We may not see what these changes mean or understand why right away, but we will in time.  Again they will be subtle– like switching from coffee to tea in the morning.  Or deciding to paint your bedroom a different color, or researching trips to the Canadian Rockies. You may change your route to work or where you go for lunch.  You may find certain foods not agreeing with you anymore or may lose your taste for certain music.  Whatever is changing … it is all in right alignment even if you don’t get it.  These changes are like when water hit a rock– at first it looks like nothing is happening but over time, a new groove or pattern forms.  These changes no matter how subtle are very powerful and part of a larger plan.  Trust this even if you don’t see how or why.  Remember it is a “1” global year– new beginnings– patterns starting and continuing for the next 9 years.  Trust they are soul guided and part of a destiny for you.

Also any changes you have been working on will be noticed.  Like if you went paleo in January– people will be noticing the changes in your body now.  It is a time where the changes you made are now in your reality– they are your reality!

So there will be inner and outer changes– double duty.  Stuff to get used to.  Adjustments will need to be made.  It will be fine.  Stay as fluid to this as possible.  Try not to resist (or pout, protest, moan) .. this only invokes the trickster side of the retrogrades.

Our relationships continue to go through an overhaul. The Universe is always trying to bring us into balance so whatever is out of balance in our relationships (our relationship to our selves, our body, our thoughts, our environment, our God, our lover, our kids, our life, our money) is seeking balance and harmony, ease and peace.  Trust this is happening even if it looks like it isn’t.  Be open, be receptive, be accepting of all that is.  Observe your emotions rather that engage them.  This is a powerful month, let it do it’s job of creating changes that lead to a higher level of  peace, love, joy and abundance in your life.

I love to do other lifetime regression work (referred to as Past Life Regression) during the Mercury retrograde cycle.  It is such a time of revelation and perfect for seeing what is affecting us from another time/dimension.  Check the readings and services page of my website www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com if you are interested in exploring this.
Until next month
Wishing you …

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