March 2019 Energy Alert

Hi Its me Ro And here is your March 2019 Energy Alert The whole month of March will pretty much be a Mercury in Retrograde which begins March 5th and ends March 28th. It will more about paying attention to our inner workings and not our external life or world. Because it is a retrograde […]

May 2018 Energy Alert

  May is going to bring some peace and reprieve to this busy “2” global year.  This month all of us will experience some sense of peace, even if it is fleeting…and all of us will seek to create more peace in our lives.  May it’s because we have had such harsh weather patterns all […]

April 2018 Energy Alert

Here in the US, the season of spring is beginning.  It is having a slow start I must say but every winter gives way to a spring… a new beginning, a rebirth and so now, in April, here we are starting this cycle.  From the end of March to the beginning of April (7th or […]

June 2017 Energy Alert

  Things will slow down a bit this month and we will catch our breath.  Our focus will turn inward, in self discovery and self awareness. We may want to retreat a bit to our sanctuaries– whether that’s your garden, bedroom,  lounge chair, the BEACH!  This month will be a chance to renew and replenish […]

May 2017 Energy Alert

May 2017 is the 5th month of  this year and  we are in the new beginnings this 1 global year has promised.  For many of us we are living or are starting to live in a new uncharted or unexplored reality.  Something has changed in our life (big or small) and life is not the […]

April 2017 Energy Alert

April 2017 has a lot going on both in our inner world and outer world.  The 3 retrogrades, Venus, Jupiter and oh yes starting April 9th, Mercury, have us examining our hidden and subconscious patterning in regards to relationships.  What part of us comes to our relationships?  Think wounded child, star crossed lover, unrequited lover, […]