December, to some extent, is always a melancholy month for most people. We come to the end of another year- we reflect and sometimes regret. We reminisce and we often remember those who are no longer with us and situations and things from our past. We often feel pressured by the holidays and the kinetic energy kicks up quite a bit. If we are especially porous and sensitive, we pick up everyone’s else’s “stuff” and a lot of the psychic debris . In the Northern hemisphere, we go into the season of winter- a time of quiet reflection, a time where we go into the void, the dark, the shadow, the unknown. Where I live (Northern NJ) it gets cold and darker (which I love) but that shift in light often puts people into a depression called seasonal affect disorder. It is helpful to remember that everything is cyclical and nothing- no feeling- lasts forever and that all are necessary. Seasons, moments, times like this, give us an opportunity to go to another level of compassion, understanding, appreciation and gratitude– if we let them. All of it has purpose and all of it is exactly as it should be.

This December is a “3” month in a “9” year. You can expect it to be highly emotional and emotive in nature. And any emotion that shows up, that surfaces, that you feel, is not only related to the moment, it is an emotion that you have felt and stored in your being and body many times before, maybe even lifetimes before. Again, for those of you that are energy sensitive, you will be feeling the collective emotional state big time. Think of it as a final cleansing and clearing out the emotional closets of our being, psyche, collective so that we may start 2017- a “1” year, wide open, clear, brand new and ready (meaning without the baggage of the past still with us).

Process your emotions- do not suffer them, stuff them, eat them, deny them, repress them, misdirect or project them, fight them, re-energize them… simply let them be there. Do not intellectualize them– feel them, they will dissipate rather quickly and softly. And then you will feel clear- and oh so much more lighter. Do not talk to someone about how you feel that will sympathize and justify and ADD their own emotions– this just re-enforces them.  Instead, talk to someone who listens without fixing, judging, interpreting, minimizing, griping, complaining, resenting or ignoring you. Talk it out with someone who is wise- talk it out with spirit– write it in a journal and at the end, ask your Angels for guidance and understanding (and maybe even a little upliftment). Then it is DONE- then you LET IT GO. And while you are at it, release any attachments (we have them whether we know it or not) to suffering.

Once all of this is done- and you feel clear and lighter– the joy and peace will return to your heart. You will feel positive and uplifted and grateful. Most of all, you will not feel afraid. Now more that ever, this is what this world needs. If we do this right, the second half of the month will be so enjoyable, hopeful, exciting, positive and social. You will feel the love. If not, well you’ve got more work to do then.

We are finishing up this “9” year of completion and endings in a very big way. Time to get rid of the baggage and move into the “1” year and the next 9 year cycle unencumbered. We are already feeling the excitement, trepidation, anxiety and un-sureness that the “1” year and new 9 year cycle is bringing. In fact, since the election, the whole world is in a state of “what the hell happens next?” It is truly a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning and what we want/need to do is make absolutely sure, our Spirit/Soul is leading the way, guiding us, creating the whole thing and the one doing the attracting to us, not the ego attracting to us. Get there with that by simply stating “my Soul is in charge of all of it for me” “Divinity is in charge of all of it for us/US”

Remember what I wrote in 11/2/1/16 email– this is about Soul/Ego— not black/white, republican/democrat, gay/straight, creeds, gender– We don’t go anywhere until we stop seeing each other as these “things” and start recognizing our SELF and others as SOUL. We won’t find our immeasurable power until we do this. We don’t fight with the ego (inside or outside). We strengthen SOUL (inside and outside) and then the ego becomes the servant to the SOUL- not the director/creator/attractor of fate. Then hate, fear, mistrust will disappear naturally– we won’t have to work on finding peace, because it will just be there. Come on, let’s go with this already.

This month, we also have a Mercury in Retrograde (oh Lord help us) 12/19 to 1/9/17. I will discuss more about that in the weekly alerts- stay tuned!

I am finishing 2016 with a webinar on 11/28/16 6:30 EST- you may want to join me. Or maybe for the webinar on 1/9 “What’s in Store for 2017” or for one of the great in person (if you are in the Northern NJ area) Super Soul Saturday gatherings I have in January. All of these are essential for strengthening your Soul Power and conscious co-creation of a peace filled loving world.

So- see you in the New Year- Divine Willing

Peace and Love to you all


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