January 2018 Energy Alert

  We start 2018 with a Full Moon in Cancer (1-1-18).  It a full moon that will reveal to us the heart of the matter for us individually—as in what is it we truly find important or meaningful in our life—and also collectively.  What do our neighbors, communities, tribes, culture value?  Are we aligned with […]

December 2017 Energy Alert

Well  it is amazing how fast we have reached the end of this “1” (2+0+1+7+=10=1+0=1) global year– a year of firsts, new beginnings, finding our independence, our courage, our determination and in some cases, our will. This was also a year of innovation. I know I was summoned to be innovative in more than one […]

January 2017 Energy Alert

  So here we are in 2017 — a “1” global year.  A year of new beginnings and independence.  A year where we take leadership roles in areas we are capable of leading.  It  will call up our determination, our innovation and our courage.  It is a new day, a new dawn and make no […]

December 2016 Energy Alert

  December, to some extent, is always a melancholy month for most people. We come to the end of another year- we reflect and sometimes regret. We reminisce and we often remember those who are no longer with us and situations and things from our past. We often feel pressured by the holidays and the kinetic energy kicks […]