We’ve got a lot going on this month and it will  be a time to really buckle down and get to work.  There is no time to be wishy washy  or unclear and there is certainly no time to be powerless.  This month is action oriented and sets the foundation for a lot of the things we will live and experience this year and going forward.

So for instance–if this is your year to save money, then maybe a meeting with your accountant and financial planner is in order or maybe you find a financial planner and accountant that can give you guidance and service these would be right partners showing up in your 2 global year..  Maybe you set a budget, cut spending and set up a savings plan that you can’t touch. Maybe you research the best interest rates.  Maybe you check inside and see what the patterning is there and what subconscious programming needs to be shifted.  Whatever strategy you employ, you are taking ACTIONS to manifest what it is you desire.   Information is knowledge and knowledge is power — it allows you to make clear choices.  Intuitive guidance can then guide you to right actions and right timing.  This is the month to do all that and take the appropriate actions.  Apply this to Health, Work, Relationships, Healing, Spiritual Studies, learning Italian– whatever is your goal, intention, desire…. this is the month to take action and at least start the path towards it.

Again it will be a month where things move fast. In the December 2017  end of the year webinar the card I picked for 2018 was BOLD and then in the January 2018 Webinar,  Kali the  Goddess of transformative and fearless change showed up. She is a take no prisoners, I will set your house on fire so you have to move kind of Goddess  Oh boy– is this ever happening.   Spirit is over riding our hesitation, delay tactics, self sabotage and resistance in big ways.  This means things are expedited and we are getting out of our own way.  If you get overwhelmed by that always remember…”I am always Divinely Guided and Protected and everything always happens in Divine Right Timing and Order.”  Give your anxiety, worry and concern over to Spirit and move forward.

Last year in the global “1” year- we saw the beginnings of shifts of power.  We witnessed those that had lost their power really step up to take their power back.  Jack Hopkins- Master Astrologer will discuss the astrological components of this in the online webinar on Thursday February  8th2018.  What exactly is going on in the cosmos that is assisting us in balancing this imbalance now?  All I know is we can expect the momentum of this to pick up in 2018 and continue.

With that said, another theme for February 2018 is Hope vs Expectation.   When we set intentions we can hope they come true.  We can hope that the Universe hears us, answers us and helps us. We can hope we are doing the right things in the right time… we can hope.  Or, we can expect.  We can expect that our intentions are manifesting in right time and in the right way.  We can absolutely expect the Universe to hear, answer and act on our behalf.  We can expect that we are internally guided by our Spirit that knows what to do and when to do it… we can expect to live the life we decide to we want.  And then we just need to ALLOW it all to fall into place.  When we hope we are putting our power outside of us… we put ourselves in a “waiting and wanting” place.  When we expect things to come, happen, show up… they do.  Hope is powerless, Expecting has  power.  Think about it, do you hope to get paid by your boss or do you expect to?  Do you hope your kids will behave at school or do you expect them to?  Move into a place of complete KNOWING and TRUST that your spirit and Divinity combined are powerful enough, empowered always to make all your intentions into form.  Expect that.

So this is your energy alert for February and for now, it is me Ro– expecting YOUR SPIRIT to create only peace in your life!!

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