The end of June 2017 left many of us feeling clear and directed towards a new Soul driven vision, creation, destiny. What is showing up in our thoughts/vision and perceptions now, may be something long desired, long forgotten, completely new or before, unimaginable.  Whatever it is, it is now coming into form in our thoughts/imagination and view. We all evolve– at different speeds I might add and even when we don’t look like we are evolving.  When we evolve, things change.  What used to fit or work for us doesn’t anymore.  What used to light us up may change, what used to drive us, suddenly doesn’t. What we used to want, we don’t want anymore and what we never even imagined suddenly becomes something we want to experience or create.  This is the nature of life. And then, sometimes, just sometimes– we start to allow ourselves more. More of what the Soul of us wants (and knows how to create)– More peace, more ease, more joy, more happiness, more fulfillment, more purpose, more passion, more clarity etc…. when we do this, when we evolve on that Soul level… the Soul starts to attract and create experiences/realities that mirror or bring in these feelings/energies into form.  This is where many of us are we are at!  At least the ones reading this alert!!!

July will offer the energy that supports these Soul guided inspirations by bringing tons of  clarity, decisiveness,  inner strength,  conviction and of course peace.
Peace always comes from accepting whatever is and allowing it to unfold instead of trying to manipulate, control, coerce or  force. This month, there is a palpable feeling/knowing of Soul groundedeness, Soul clarity and Soul strength. Actions taken this month will be the research, prep work, foundational work needed to move into the new level or direction of our destiny that is now revealing itself.

The first half of this year –most of us experienced new ways, new realities, new thought processes, new understanding, new beginnings– totally appropriate for this “1” global year.  We were finding our way in new realities and maybe even managing unexpected events (life curve balls). It may not always have been comfortable but it was not necessarily unwelcome either.  It definitely may have felt uncertain or even unstable at times.  Then we began to settle in and acclimate and find our footing. May/June were the processing months of all that has changed and even revealed a glimpse of all that will continue to change, evolve and transform.  Now as we come to the summer, July and August, these months will allow us to start planning for this new way of living, this new reality and also allow for us to consciously choose and intend what we want to experience, what we intend to allow/attract and create.

July is a month of Soul Power and fully feeling and stepping into our Soul Power.  For those that do not think in these terms, there will be a greater sense of power in our lives and choices.  On some level (consciously or not) we will all feel that we can take the reins of our life and/or whatever life has given us and deal with, create with, manifest with these realities in the most positive, conscious, empowering way.  I love this month because through the collective– and the ensuing  sense of inner power- there will be a tremendous kick to the collective victim consciousness ass!

August will create opportunities for things to finish up and complete as well as open doors for new beginnings that are wishing to start.  What comes to a close in this month paves the way for what is beginning in the fall.  September is the start of a brand new world for many of us.  Remember, what shows up in the fall– Sept, Oct, Nov- is a preview of what we will be living in in the following year (2018).

We are entering the season of the Summer- the direction of the South.  It is a time of shedding what no longer serves us, a time to release and clear, a time of transformation and a time to claim our Soul and let it shine brightly in this world.  It is a time  where the fire within us grows in power and propels us towards the calling of our Spirit.  The inner healer and nurturer show up and direct their energy to whatever in our life needs healing and nurturing.  It is a powerful time to claim our SELF and allow all that gets in our way to release and clear.

Allow July to be the month where you set into motion the next level of creation from your Soul.  Remember that just intending something, saying it out loud, with a witness present if possible, sets the Universe in motion (like an Indiana Jones movie)  so that all that is required lines up and creates opportunity and synchronicity for that creation to come into form.  You don’t have to know how to do it, when to do it,  how to get it done or how it will come together, that is Divinity’s job.  You just have to show up to whatever shows up and take the right soul guided action.

Until August…


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  1. Happy 4th!!! Thank you for the energy alert this month. I can feel it.
    See you soon

  2. Beautiful and amazingly just for me!!!
    Just stopping by to say hello and that I always hold you in my heart and thoughts.
    Carole V. (Vicky)