Things will slow down a bit this month and we will catch our breath.  Our focus will turn inward, in self discovery and self awareness. We may want to retreat a bit to our sanctuaries– whether that’s your garden, bedroom,  lounge chair, the BEACH!  This month will be a chance to renew and replenish our batteries.  True- the month of June is often filled with lots of festivities , but in between the social fun, we will want to stay inward and quiet.

Often when we turn our focus inward to discover just what makes us tick– we find the hidden things that limit or undermine us– blocks.  This month when we turn inward, we may find a different story.  We may find strengths, powers, untapped resources and abilities that until now, have gone unclaimed, not acknowledged or not noticed.  Often we connect the dots to this by reading, studying or observing someone/something else that then mirrors what we need to know most about our own SELVES.  June is a breakthrough month that connects our consciousness to what has been left unclaimed or even disowned.  We will have opportunities to get more of our SELF back, to own more of our SELF, to honor more of our SELF this month.  It will be like an excavation for hidden treasure.

For a lot of people, it has been a rough first 5 months or a whirlwind of a year so far.  This month, you will actually get a rest and a chance to catch your breath.  The hard work will be complete and the foundation set.  Not that there will not be “stuff” to do but there will be more routine and rhythm to this and rests in between where you can hopefully,  sit with your feet up, cool drink in your hand and read a magazine.  It won’t be such a “high alert” month as the previous five. Pheww, I could use this.  Lot’s of unexpected things showed up for me this year and I could do with a little quiet and routine.

The self discoveries or just plain discoveries of June will be setting the tone for the rest of the year.  What you discover in your self and what you develop in your consciousness and awareness will be processed, harnessed and utilized throughout the rest of 2017. From there on, it will be the foundation on which you live your life and it will set a new precedence.

July and August are often integration months and the bridge between the ascent and descent of the year.  With all we learn this month, I think we will all need the next 2 months to digest and process.

Take some time for yourself.  Take some time for quiet.  Read, learn, study, check in with your SELF frequently.  Make a good strong energy practice for your self.  Expand what your normally do.  Take baths and moon/star gaze.  Use the the Earth portals (like lying in the grass watching the clouds, or the leaves sway in the trees to name a few) to transport you to a transcendental state…. do whatever compels you to be still and let your Soul speak to you.

It is a great month to do some energy balancing and clearing.  I don’t have a lot of appointments available this month but July and August are open for phone or Skype and this type of work is perfect for phone or Skype and being in your own home (sanctuary).  I am here if you need me (Readings and Services-–
Until next month