This month June 2018 is an 8 month in a 2  global year.  8 resonates with power and reaping what you’ve sown.  It resonates with materialism, money, success, authority and some times recognition and reward. 2 is always about sensitivity, intuition, receptivity, teamwork and/or partnership.  The 8 and 2 combo is a very powerful one and often predicts a time of good financial fortune.  This could certainly be a time where many of us experience a boost to our financial abundance and prosperity.  Perhaps the income tax refund comes in or there are unexpected bonuses or benefits from work.  Maybe some of us with be benefactors of unexpected windfalls or maybe we find ways to SAVE lots of money on current expenses.   Whatever it is,allow this boost to bring more ease, peace, joy and freedom to your life.  In other words ENJOY IT.

This is also a month where we will get down to business with things.  Whatever area of our life that has been unplanned or just rolling along or for some, just plain out of control will become our focus and our focus and determination will come forward to direct this particular area with more certainty to a better and/or moredesired outcome.  So whether it is in work, health,  finances or relationships  (or one particular area of relationship) we will take the reigns and guide the direction and outcome we desire.  This will come from our higher self — Soul– not our ego driven or lower self.   We will feel empowered and confident to do so.

This could also show up as putting attention to a project or intention that you have been meaning to get to.  Maybe it is about getting a new certification in something or getting disciplined and writing your book… whatever has been on the back burner but is a Soul inspired creation will be called to the forefront and the time, energy, resources, discipline and  commitment will be there to see it through.  Again because we are in a 2 global year all the right partnerships  that will help and support all of this will show up at just the right time to get us where we need and want to be.  Be open. Be ready and ask your higher self to make you clear.
June 2018 is a very busy and productive month and the energy  and support will be there so we can get it all done with effortlessness and ease!  I am in for that.
One thing I want to mention… again…. as we deal with more school shootings and more tragic senseless events…the answer to this and any other crisis whether it is the opioid epidemic human trafficking, war,starvation, nuclear weapons crisis…These are Spiritual Crisises of the Collective Conscience. We have to remember who we are.. and where we come from. We are Soul- Divinity- Love and Joy in a Body and we need to remember and to remind others— especially the ones that have gotten lost and become the destructors– that this is not who they are– that they have forgotten who they are, that what we are seeing is not who they are supposed to be.  We need to call them back and we do this from our mind and heart, through telepathy… not a text, phone call or letter. It requires us to stay out of the density of fear and sorrow and go above the illusion.  These crisises are a collective illusion from a collective painbody.  We create this (individually and collectively).  We feed it with our incredulousness, sorrow and fear.  We recreate it every time we buy into it…. but we can un-create it.  It is an inside job.  A shift in consciousness.   At the core of all these issues is a spiritual crisis.  It always has been.  It doesn’t change until the consciousness changes.   Realize  now ad always, that you are a spirit being that is PERFECT and DIVINE  even when you are not acting that way.  Dont just think this as a concept….KNOW IT.  OWN IT. Use that 8 power to claim your true self.  It is not enough just to think of yourself this way.  You must know this for everyone else too.  So for everyone you encounter.. for everyone in your family, for every person that looks different than you for every person you know struggling with addiction or substance abuse, for every school shooter, drug smuggler,human trafficker, child abuser.. REMEMBER for them…. this is not who they really are.. they have forgotten and gotten lost.  Remember this for them and everyone else and activate your innate power to break thisillusion this spell and ultimately this cycle of destruction will come to an end. We have created this and now it it time to un- create and recreate.  It is possible to have peace on Earth– we do not have to wait till we die to “rest in peace”  We have had the power all along to create it. Let us all put our collective power into practice at the same timeThis world is waiting for us to do so.