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June 2018 Energy Alert

This month June 2018 is an 8 month in a 2  global year.  8 resonates with power and reaping what you’ve sown.  It resonates with materialism, money, success, authority and some times recognition and reward. 2 is always about sensitivity, intuition, receptivity, teamwork and/or partnership.  The 8 and 2 combo is a very powerful one […]

hello november

April 2018 Energy Alert

Here in the US, the season of spring is beginning.  It is having a slow start I must say but every winter gives way to a spring… a new beginning, a rebirth and so now, in April, here we are starting this cycle.  From the end of March to the beginning of April (7th or […]

hello november

December 2017 Energy Alert

Well  it is amazing how fast we have reached the end of this “1” (2+0+1+7+=10=1+0=1) global year– a year of firsts, new beginnings, finding our independence, our courage, our determination and in some cases, our will. This was also a year of innovation. I know I was summoned to be innovative in more than one […]

hello november

November 2016 Energy Alert

This month– “2” (2016=9 +11=2) is a month of good connections.  Right people, right partnerships, right connections coming into your life.  If you forge a bond with anyone– from a new auto mechanic to the right biz partner or lover– you are in a right connection.  Trust that if you go into partnership with someone […]


October 2016 Energy Alert

October is a global 1 month in global 9 year. Things continue to end so new things can begin.. like you have to leave/end first grade to go on to second grade- eventually it will end so you can begin that next part.  Think back to October 2007.  What was going on in your life […]